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HelloSign and Keap bring professionals an automated, simplified, and seamless signature workflow

Janice Yau

Updated: Jul 26, 2021 · 2 min read

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By HelloSign

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Keap to provide a native eSignature solution to employees in professional services, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Keap users can now seamlessly send contracts, statements of work, and invoices to sign without ever leaving the platform.

This new integration with HelloSign and Keap provides users a smooth, automated, and uninterrupted workflow for signing. With features such as auto-filling data fields and triggering automation, HelloSign + Keap removes the manual work and saves users time so they can focus on the tasks that matters most.

Auto-filling Data Fields

This native integration makes it easy to fill out signer fields such as name, phone number, and email with the ability to pull and auto-fill all contact data that’s readily available from your signer’s customer profile in Keap. That means a hassle and headache-free process when building contracts, agreements, and statements of work. Another bonus with auto-filling: no need to worry about typos, tedious manual work, or pulling in the wrong information to interrupt your day-to-day.

In addition, new data fields a customer fills out in the document to be signed may be automatically updated into their Keap contact record. Keap users don’t need to take the extra time to add new customer data from the signed document back into the customer’s Keap CRM profile—this integration automatically does that work for them.

Triggering automation

No time is wasted on checking whether or not a customer has signed the contract you sent them and then deciding what needs to be done next. You can customize sending an email follow-up, scheduling a call, or any other task that’s needed once your document is signed through the HelloSign + Keap integration. This means faster, more efficient and simpler workflows to allow more time for closing deals and growing their business.

Automate tasks once your document is signed

A one-stop-shop

Other CRMs force you to toggle between multiple applications in order to store your signed documents and match them to your contact record, which makes a broken and fragmented process. With HelloSign integrated directly into Keap, users have a one-stop-shop where a client’s signed invoice, statement of work, or contract is saved directly into their contact record so they can get their work done faster, simpler, and hassle-free. This eliminates 3rd party tools which means 1 less software for your team to learn, train and purchase.

Signed agreements are automatically attached to the Keap contact record

To learn more, visit or contact the HelloSign sales team today.

*Integration is available on HelloSign Standard and above plans.*

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