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LKR Social Media intelligently scales growth

Laura Roeder is a born strategist. Add to that the entrepreneurial skill she absorbed from watching her parents operate an architecture firm, and it’s no wonder that she has blown past her business goals.

Laura Roeder


Laura Roeder

  • Increased annual revenue from $100,000 to $800,000
  • Grew list of leads from 2,000 to 85,000
  • Grew customer base from 200 to 6,000
  • Has the freedom to set her own schedule and make her own hours

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California, USA

Their Story

A powerful plan

After graduating from the University of Texas at age 20 with a degree in advertising, Laura relocated to the city of Chicago. Following a brief stint as a designer at a marketing agency, she decided to try to make it on her own. "I knew that if I could find just one local business that needed me to build them a website, I would be in business. And right away I had a tiny but thriving one-woman design business going," says Laura.

Laura was able to manage her business to an extent, but she yearned for the capacity to leverage her expertise to take on more clients. After moving to Venice, California, she decided to make the transition into social media consulting.

"So I took what I learned, and instead of talking to a client, I started talking to a video camera. Instead of in-person sessions, my strategic consulting is provided in the form of videos that you watch in your own office, on your own time, at your own pace," says Laura.

Moment of truth

At that point, Laura had separate systems for email marketing and contact management. She used another system entirely for online sales. While she wasn't having much trouble with the systems individually, they didn't integrate well with each other—which was slowing her business down.

There was no way for her to separate old customers from new ones, or to tag them into a specific list and send updated promotions. What's more, customer behavior wasn't being tracked, so there were a lot of manual steps.

"I hit a wall," she says. "Without an integrated system, I couldn't possibly keep an accurate customer list. I was spending hours manually updating contacts."

Laura knew that all-in-one sales and marketing automation could open the doors to scalable growth—and that the Infusionsoft by Keap platform had the unique power to make her marketing ideas a reality.

The results

With Infusionsoft, LKR Social Media has decreased the number of steps required to send email and increased the relevancy of the content. Every communication is more effective. The company has seen more opens and higher click-through rates, customer lists are accurate and segmented automatically, and systems are integrated in one place.

"I'm no longer blanketing my list with the same messages," says Laura. With Infusionsoft, she's been able to fine-tune and segment her lists so she's only sending information her customers want. She is continuing to grow her business, and has been focusing on what's next instead of having to waste time on simple, repetitive tasks.

Webinars are the company's best way of converting subscribers into customers. On average, 41% of members who attend a webinar sign up for a trial membership. Revenue has increased from $100,000 to more than $1 million, and the customer base has swelled from 200 to 6,000.

Best of all, the company's record growth shows no signs of slowing. With 85,000 leads in the pipeline, LKR Social Media has achieved the growth that Laura always dreamed of—in the most efficient way possible. In Laura's words, "Infusionsoft has helped me to live the dream of the totally online business."

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