Make it easier for your clients to work with you

Send reminders, online appointments, quotes, and invoices through Keap— your prospects and clients will never be left wondering what to do next.

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Rachel Carroll, Owner, The Neuromuscular Studio

Rachel Carroll | 
Owner, The Neuromuscular Studio

Follow-up isn’t the client’s job

Clients want to do business with people who are on top of things. Stay on point, on task, and up to date with gentle reminders that prompt you to take the next step—like sending an intro email to a new lead.

Available in: Grow

Add a contact and automatically follow up.

Easily find a meeting time that works

It’s easy to agree on a schedule when clients can see your schedule and book a time that’s convenient for them.

Available in: Grow  Pro

Have your client easily select an appointment time with you.

One-click quote acceptance

No more wondering if your quote has been accepted. Create an on-brand quote in a few clicks. With the ‘Accept Quote’ button, it’s easy for clients to say “yes.”

Available in: Pro  Infusionsoft

Easily create a quote with one-click acceptance for your client.

Make it easy for your clients to pay you

Your clients are busy, too. You can’t expect them to print your invoice, write a check, and drop it in the mail. Create and send invoices that clients can pay online by clicking the ‘pay now’ button, charging their credit card on file.

Available in: Pro  Infusionsoft

Make it easy for your client to pay you with pay now buttons in your invoices.

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Why the name change?

Our new product, Keap, is pioneering smart client management, just as Infusionsoft did for sales and marketing automation 18 years ago.

We believe there’s a better way to manage sales for service businesses both big and small. And that’s Keap—one company with two products to serve all small businesses.

Smart client management software that helps turn incoming leads into satisfied clients.

The #1 all-in-one CRM and advanced marketing automation platform, as rated by G2 Crowd.

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