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Graphic showing the Keap product dashboard

More sales. Fewer late nights. Grow without the chaos.

From capturing and converting leads to making sure you get paid on time, Keap’s all-in-one Sales & Marketing Automation (SMA) software helps you get more done in less time.

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Graphic showing the Keap product dashboard

Keap combines:

Marketing Automation icon

Marketing automations

Sales Automation icon

Sales automations

CRM icon


Payments icon

Payments and invoicing

Email Marketing icon

Email and text messaging

Appointments and Scheduling icon

Appointments and scheduling

Lead Capture icon

Lead capture and pipeline

Reporting & Analytics icon

Reporting and analytics

Dedicated business phone line icon

Dedicated business phone line

Integrations icon


Graphic showing automations easily flow

Easy Automations

In just 3 minutes, customize pre-built automations to your unique needs.

Illustration of sending personally curating emails by segmented leads

Email Marketing

Easily send segmented broadcasts and personalized individual follow-up.

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See all communications and follow-up tasks in one place, synced with your other tools.

Illustration of seamlessly connecting apps with free native integrations


Seamlessly connect Keap to the other apps you use with free native integrations.

Illustration of the free dedicated business phone line

Keap Business Line

Separate business and personal communications with a free dedicated business phone line.

Could Keap be just what you need? Get started with your 14-day free trial and find out.

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and their teams.

Pic of Ashley Madden, Marketing Agency

"I was able to double my client base after migrating to Keap."

—Ashley Madden, Marketing Agency

Pic of Bryce Henderson, Real Estate Brokerage

"The whole software is great, it's helped me expand my business and I know it would expand yours too."

—Bryce Henderson, Real Estate Brokerage

Pic of Vix Reitano, Agency & Consultancy

"With Keap's follow-up, I was able to grow my business 233% in just 3 months."

—Vix Reitano, Agency & Consultancy

Pic of April Tate, Travel Agency

"I love Keap! I'm saving over 10 hours a week by using a single system to organize and grow my business."

—April Tate, Travel Agency

Frequently asked questions

  • What can I expect with my free trial?

    You’ll be able to test out the Keap Pro edition of the software for 14 days without any obligation, not even a credit card.

    When you first log in, our simple onboarding process will help you get started, walking you step-by-step through adding essential information about your business and identifying the most important next steps based on your goals. From your dashboard, simply click ‘Getting Started’ in the upper left to see what to set up next.

    If you have questions or get stuck, click on the chat box in the lower right corner to access our live chat support.

    When you’re ready to choose which edition of Keap to upgrade to, you can do that in-app or go to

  • What version of the software is the free trial for?

    The 14-day free trial is for the Keap Pro edition. You can upgrade at any time directly in-app and select a Lite, Pro, or Max edition. Learn about each option on our pricing page.

  • Does the free trial have limitations?

    You can upload up to 500 contacts, send up to 100 emails, and add up to 5 users.

    Note: Automated Text Messaging and Text Broadcasts are not available in the free trial at this time, but you can send individual text messages using your dedicated Keap Business Line during your free trial. Plus, you can upgrade at any time to unlock expanded capabilities and the full power of Keap when you need them.

  • Can app X integrate with Keap?

    Keap can integrate with hundreds of the most popular third party tools and business software. See our expansive list of integrations. For custom integrations, we provide an API Key, API goal setting in Advanced Automations, and a helpful developer’s portal. You can also use Zapier to connect Keap to thousands of the most popular apps -- no code required.

  • What if I need help setting up the app?

    During your free trial experience, we offer free live chat within your app with a dedicated small business growth expert. With the paid plans, you unlock 24/7 free chat support, country-specific phone support, an expansive help portal, free migration, and more. Expert coaching is also available when you upgrade.

  • What if I become busy, and I’m not able to use the application during the 14 days. Can I extend?

    In most situations, yes, you can request a limited free trial extension. That being said, we encourage you to get started in the app as soon as possible so you can start enjoying the time-saving benefits of Keap right away. Taking a little time now to set it up can save you hours down the road!

  • What languages are supported?

    Keap works through a standard web browser, and most elements in the application can be translated by the user’s browser. Appointments and forms are viewable based on the browser settings. Note: Emails are not translated, and the currency for all billing, payments, and invoices can be changed under ‘Settings.’

  • What’s my application ID?

    After you log into your app, you can find your app ID by clicking on your name icon at the top right of the page. Click here to see an example.

  • Can I download and use the Keap mobile app during my free trial?

    Yes, though you should sign up for your Keap free trial in your desktop browser first. Then, download the Keap Mobile app and log in with the same credentials you use on desktop. The app allows you to add contacts, access contact info, tasks, notes on-the-go, view mobile reminders and alerts to prevent you from missing important to-dos. The mobile app is also where you go to claim your free dedicated business phone line.

Keap is a game changer! But don’t take our word for it. Start your free trial and see for yourself.

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