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What is Keap? An Easy Sales and Marketing Automation Software + CRM

Easily integrate tools to simplify payments, scheduling, landing pages, and so much more. Keap’s sales and marketing automations work with your business to grow sales and save time.

Donald Miller used Keap to help grow his business from $0 to over $15 million

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Easy Automations Workflow

Easy Automations

Build custom automations in 3 minutes or use intuitive preset "When/Then" templates

Sales pipeline Workflow

Advanced Automations

Build endlessly customizable processes and optimize every last lead with tagging, segmenting, and activity triggers

CRM Workflow


Get our not-so-secret sauce. CRM powered by Automation saves our customers 10 hours a week on average.

View a demo of Keap and get 50% off for 3 months. No credit card required.

Chart of some possible integrations with Keap


Seamlessly connect Keap to Gmail, Outlook, PayPal, and more. Plus our free and native Zapier integration connects with over 2500 apps to meet any business need.

Expert Coaching playbook

Expert Coaching

Go way beyond onboarding. Keap's Expert Coaching sets you up to succeed with winning strategies to immediately see growth.

Keap combines features like:

Marketing Automation icon

Marketing Automations

Sales Automation icon

Sales Automations

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Payments icon

Payments and Invoicing

Email Marketing icon

Email Marketing

Appointments and Scheduling icon

Appointments and scheduling

Lead Capture icon

Lead Capture

Reporting & Analytics icon

Reporting & Analytics

Mobile App icon

Mobile App

Dedicated business line icon

Dedicated business line

Pic of Ashley Madden, Marketing Agency

"I was able to double my client base after migrating to Keap."

—Ashley Madden, Marketing Agency

Pic of Bryce Henderson, Real Estate Brokerage

"The whole software is great, it's helped me expand my business and I know it would expand yours too."

—Bryce Henderson, Real Estate Brokerage

Pic of Vix Reitano, Agency & Consultancy

"With Keap's follow-up, I was able to grow my business 233% in just 3 months."

—Vix Reitano, Agency & Consultancy

Pic of April Tate, Travel Agency

"I love Keap! I'm saving over 10 hours a week by using a single system to organize and grow my business."

—April Tate, Travel Agency

View a demo of Keap and get 50% off for 3 months. No credit card required.