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With Easy Automations, you finally have time to save time

Learn how Keap’s intuitive sales and marketing automations eliminate hours of repetitive tasks in just three minutes.

Screenshot from Keap as viewed on a desktop. Shows the Keap home screen with panels and buttons for 'Get organized', 'Get the job', 'Get paid', 'Stay connected', 'Appointments', 'Tasks', and 'Recent activity'.
Automation allows you to have a full lifecycle that is literally always on, always checking up, always making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Vix Reitano - Coach and Consultant, Keap Customer

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Image of Easy Automation Workflow.

Three easy steps to save 10 hours a week: “When, Then, Stop”

End repeat follow-ups and constant emailing. Drive growth and save hours per week, with Keap’s intuitive “When, Then, Stop” automations.

Image of Email Marketing Templates.

We have pre-written, scheduled templates waiting for you—just hit send.

Built from 20 years of working with entrepreneurs, our proven methods and intuitive templates can start creating growth in 3 minutes or less. Grow sales and save time with less effort.

Image of Easy Automation when/then feature.

Keap’s “when/then” actions do the automating, while you enjoy the growth

  • When a form is filled, then an email is sent.
  • When an appointment is booked, then a reminder is scheduled.
  • When an invoice is sent, then a follow up is sent.
  • When you automate, then you grow. It’s that simple.

Keap customers save time and grow with Easy Automations like:

Take leads from contact form to appointment booked, without you doing a thing.

When clients book an appointment, they’ll get scheduled reminders, automatically.

New leads create a new deal in your sales pipeline, with emails about offerings and promotions to follow.

Automations will remind your clients when they’ve overlooked an invoice and sends a thank you email once they’ve paid in full.

Image of Keap Lite's home screen, welcoming back the user and showing updates for leads, clients, invoiced contacts, and paid customers.
Image of Keap Pro's home screen, showing the customer lifecycle and how many leads and customers are currently in different stages.
Image of Keap Max's dashboard.
Image of Keap Max's dashboard.

Features to automate and optimize your sales and marketing funnel

Sales and Marketing automation icon showing marketing workflow

Sales and Marketing Automation

Image of Keap product screen, demostrating how to drag and drop a lead into a new sales pipeline stage.


Payments and ecommerce icon showing invoice

Payments and Ecommerce

Keap’s sales and marketing automation platform also includes:

  • Email Marketing
  • Appointments
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Lead Capture
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Dedicated Business Line
  • Integrations
  • Mobile App

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