Papeloja grew sales by 800% in less than a year.

See how Keap’s sales and marketing automation platform can help you do the same.

Nuno Silva

Nuno Silva, Papeloja

Papeloja owner, Nuno Silva, came to us with a problem he didn’t even know he had: he was missing out on 800% of his potential sales.

The culprit? Not automating his business. It cost him—and it’s costing you.

Keap combines CRM, sales automation, marketing automation, payments and more into one platform so you can create a repeatable sales machine...just like Nuno’s.

Getting customers is easier than you think!

We surveyed 3,000 people considering hiring a small business for a service. Here’s some surprising facts:


of people only consider 1 or 2 options—you’re practically competing against yourself!


said if you don’t follow up fast enough, they won’t hire you. 36% move on to a new business.

The top three reasons for losing a lead?


“They didn't return my calls or emails”


“They were too slow to get back to me”


“They took forever to setup an appointment”

Dollar bill with wings

Poor follow up and disorganization cost you a lot of business.

Keap has the solution.

Why do we ignore Henry Ford? And, why it’s killing your business.


Henry Ford knew a thing or two about business.

Keap knows a thing or two about business.

For 20 years now, we have obsessed about growing serious businesses for serious entrepreneurs like you. You already know what’s best for your business. What you really need is a way to keep things organized, multiply your existing resources, & reclaim wasted time, effort, and money.

There is so much to tell you on this page, this video is only the beginning. When you’re done check out the offerings from Jack Smithson (Growth expert) on finding growth and defeating burnout.

Or, you’ve heard enough and you can’t stand to waste another second.

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A 20 year obsession yields 3 secrets

Our founders Clate and Scott

Keap was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

That’s not a slogan, our founders were running their own small business. They felt the struggle and developed sales and marketing automation tools for themselves that would make growing a business easier. Over time they came to understand many immutable tips and tactics about business growth.

Our founders Clate and Scott 3 video set

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What can you expect?

  • Learn the key to maximizing lead capture

  • Increase revenue by increasing lifetime customer value

  • Fix your underperforming follow up to double your revenue

Ready to join these Keap customers on the path to growth?

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