Ramon Ray knows the right tools can give your business the advantage.

Ramon Ray loves how Keap’s sales and marketing engine can organize contacts, automate follow-up, and generate sales.

Automate your customer journey from lead to sale in 3 easy steps.

Graphic showing leads being imported into the Keap app

Step 1:

Create stronger connections with segmentation

When a lead registers, they are automatically tagged and segmented based on the criteria you’ve chosen. From here, you can send them a personalized welcome or confirmation email.

Graphic showing leads automatically added to email and text campaigns

Step 2:

Send Automated Email & Text Campaigns

Use pre-built or custom messages to provide personalized automated follow-up through email or text messages.

Graphic showing a pipeline of deals and tasks

Step 3:

Create a Pipeline to Manage Deals & Tasks

Trigger automated follow-up to nurture leads, automate task assignments, and track overall pipeline performance to help you close leads faster.

Simplify how you manage your sales and marketing. Get started today.

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Ramon Ray
“Keap helps you keep everything in one place so you can manage your business and serve your customers. I use Keap so I can follow up and segment my customer database. Follow-up is everything.”

Ramon Ray - Founder, SmartHustle.com

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