Must-see small business trends to inspire your 2023 growth plan

From the pandemic to an uncertain economy, the past few years have presented major challenges for small businesses. To achieve growth in this environment, SMB leaders need every advantage. Get ahead in 2023 with Keap’s Small Business Growth Trends report, which features insights from our survey of entrepreneurs like you.

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Golden Age

Fig. 1

The Golden Age of Small Business

During the Covid-19 pandemic, something interesting happened in the world of small business. Millions left their jobs in what was dubbed “The Great Resignation.” Many started their own small businesses, resulting in a boom that continues.

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of small businesses in the U.S. are profitable
increase in new small businesses started since 2021
of businesses with five or fewer employees plan to grow soon

My business was started in order to:




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The easiest route to freedom is scaling

Most small business owners and leaders are still working 50- or 60-hour weeks, even though they started their business to have more freedom. Of course, freedom only becomes possible with predictable revenue and systems that help you scale efficiently.

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start a small business to leave
corporate life
agree that freedom and flexibility
are goals
want to create something special

My primary challenge over the last 12 months has been:



Fig. 3

What gets in the way of consistent growth?

The world is full of distraction and competitors, making it challenging for a small business to stand out. They also struggle with limited time, rising costs, strained supply chains and challenges consistently following-up with customers.

struggle to find time to get
everything done
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My goal for sales and marketing automation is to:


Let’s get you what you need to grow now

Here’s an impressive stat: SMB owners who use Keap’s sales and marketing automation save 10 hours a week that was normally spent on repetitive tasks. Combining automation with AI tools like Keap’s Copy Generator allows you to adapt to a rapidly changing customer mindset and grow consistently.

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Tips for growth-minded small business owners


Adapt in a changing world to: Collect more leads


Personalize follow-up to: Engage with more customers


Deepen relationships to: Convert leads and get paid

Explore all the trends. They’ll supercharge your 2023 growth plan.

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