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Every real estate client will feel like your only client

Keap's CRM is powered by customizable Sales & Marketing Automation and is a proven tool for helping real estate businesses grow and create great client experiences.

I would definitely recommend Keap for realtors. The onboarding and software are great. It helped me expand my real estate business and I know it will help other small business owners expand their business.

Bryce Henderson | Four Peaks Brokerage
  Realtor and Keap customer since 2018

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  • Generate qualified leads
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  • Drive loyalty and grow sales from current customers

Generate qualified leads with an intuitive CRM

Through Keap's customizable CRM, you can build mailing lists with custom forms for new listings, reach out to your most promising leads first with automatic lead scoring, and establish your standing as a real estate expert with free valuations to your sellers.

Lead filling out form and then receiving an automated email.

Sales & Marketing Automation helps you send the right message

With Keap's Sales & Marketing Automation, you can send targeted emails and text messages throughout the sales process—automatically. Whether a buyer or seller, they get the perfect message at the perfect time, based on their actions and behaviors.

Working with a customer in person and recording it in Keap.

Keep the deal moving with your Sales Pipeline

Keap's easy-to-use Sales Pipeline allows you to know where every client is within the sales process, allowing you to trigger automatic tasks that close deals or request documentation for home inspections, estimates, and more.

Lead in Keap flowing through automation steps and receiving emails.

Drive loyalty and grow sales with Email Marketing

Keap Email Marketing can help you message current clients to ask for referrals, document their experience with testimonials, and share your insights on housing marketing trends and prices with new prospects.

Client flowing through post-sale email automation.

Open the door to more leads and referrals

Enjoy all the happy clients

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