8 Proven Methods For Using lead magnets

Chapter 01: 8 Proven Methods For Using lead magnets

8 Proven Methods For Using lead magnets

Lead magnets are aptly named because they are exactly that—magnetic offers which attract leads to your business. You might offer an infographic, a form or template or an informational ebook. Whatever the form your lead magnet takes, consider the variety of methods available for using lead magnets to attract prospective leads. Below are eight proven methods for using lead magnets.

No.1: Choose the right topic

While choosing the right topic may not technically be a ‘method,’ it is an important decision. Consider these questions when choosing the focus of your lead magnet.
• What topics are your ideal customers interested in?
• What problems do your ideal customers need to solve?
• What format would be easy for you to create and attractive to your ideal customers (format may help to determine topic)?

No.2: Determine the magnet format

Choosing the magnet format is part of your lead magnet methodology. Consider your ideal customer and what action, behavior or next step you want to drive with your lead magnet. The below are organized generally by complexity, although prioritization will vary depending on your individual (or team) skill and product/service.

Giveaway stuff or value in exchange for lead information. This category includes discount coupons, free tickets or other giveaways.

Create something of value to your ideal customer. An interest-specific calendar (seasonal gardening tips, exercise routines), essential tools, a checklist or Cheat Sheet can be very engaging.

Infographics are packed with information (a picture really is worth 1000 words!) and not generally something easy for just anyone to make on their own. Consider creating an infographic so engaging that your ideal customer would hang it in their cubicle or on the fridge for reference.

Offer a 30-minute consultation with you or one of your expert team members on how-to solutions for your ideal customers. This method is especially appealing to people who are starting their own ventures including a start-up business, coaching or specialists who want to understand how to market their skills.

How-to ebooks can be a handbook of steps to create or achieve something.

Create an online tool which requires email registration to access or use the tool.

Host a live webinar or recorded webinar or workshop which requires participants to register with their email and or phone number to reserve attendee space. P.S. This option links to a great lead magnet example.

No.3: Be concise

The old adage ‘less is more’ applies here. One method to employ is to be as concise as possible with your lead magnet. A 100-page ebook that takes you a month to write won’t be any more appealing than a 20-page booklet you can write in a few days. In fact, the booklet will be more attractive to many people. Offer a ‘quick read’ packed with solutions to the problem your ideal customer is trying to solve.

No.4: Be specific

Generalities are less attractive than specifics. ‘How to lose weight’ is a general promise. Be specific and action-oriented. ‘Seven Ways to lose 10 Pounds in the 60 Days Before Bathing Suit Season’ is very clear, measurable and promises a specific outcome in response to actions.

No.5: Deliver value

Your lead magnet should deliver legitimate value. It doesn’t matter how great your lead magnate sounds if it doesn’t deliver on its promise. Your prospective customer won’t continue forward to explore your company and services if your lead magnet isn’t worth it.

No.6: Optimize your Opt-in Button

Your opt-in button should be a call-to-action (CTA). This is valuable real estate so use the space to provide additional guidance to your prospect. Instead of words like subscribe, register or apply, create an action statement. ‘Download the report,’ ‘View your results,’ ‘Get your tickets’ are all action statements that encourage movement.

No.7: More lead magnets

If you already have a lead magnet, consider adding a second lead magnet. This gives you the opportunity to test multiple offerings to see which is more attractive. It could be that you’ll attract a broader group of leads by offering variety.

No.8 Stacking lead magnets

And finally, for the ‘advanced user’, the stacking lead magnet method requires a bit more strategy and management. In this method, your lead magnets become an integral part of your sales funnel. Begin with a lead magnet that has a high value and builds trust in your new lead. Now that you’ve established how helpful you can be, offer a low priced product ($5-10) that solves a big problem for your lead. The low-priced product leads to a higher-priced product. The lead continues to learn and upgrade products continuing through your sales funnel.

Choose a lead magnet method that works best for you and will bring the most value to your ideal customer. Test methods and formats and try combining 2 or more methods to create your own recipe for success.