Save time with email templates

Chapter 01: Save time by using templates

All the templates
From flash sale emails to requesting testimonials, this template sheet has you covered for those scenarios and and many, many more. Click here for your free download of 27 email templates for the taking

Follow up the right way email templates
Following up with leads and customers is key to making your business thrive, but it could involve repetitive emails. No longer! By downloading your free 10 email templates you need to follow up the right way you can save time writing email messages whenever you’re corresponding with prospective clients about scheduling a meeting and following up after a meeting.

Personalized automated email cheat sheet
Templates don't need to sound robotic. Check out 20 ways to personalize automated email so you come across as human to the humans receiving your emails.

Close that sale email templates
Download 10 email templates you need to close a sale and you can copy, paste, and use it as a starting point for the messages you send to prospects. If you’re using client management software, like Keap, you can set up many of these emails to be triggered automatically by an action like a purchase or a previous email.

Webinar: Looking to up your email game even more? Jay Baer has some ideas on how to make that happen

Looking to get real, real about growing your business?
Check out Keap's Lifecycle Marketing Assessment. Lifecycle Marketing is a systematic approach to recognizing and organizing your perfect client lifecycle including email. After helping thousands of small businesses grow over 17 years, we’ve developed and perfected this clear, universal approach to faster, easier growth for you.