How to Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

Chapter 01: How to Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

Why You Should Ask Customers to Write Reviews

Whether we realize it or not, customer reviews have a significant impact on our lives. Before purchasing an item online or sitting down at a restaurant for dinner, most of us search for what other customers have to say. A glowing customer review can support our decisions, while a negative customer review can veer us off course completely.

Customer reviews can have the same powerful impact on your business and when you are able to solicit the right kind of reviews, they can nudge potential customers forward.

Here are three reasons why you should ask customers to write reviews:

  • Builds consumer trust: Eighty-five percent of consumers consider online reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations, so it is paramount that your business has public reviews of your product available. Customer reviews give shoppers a chance to see firsthand how you’re delivering on your promise to other customers and helps to build credibility and trust.
  • Increases conversion rate: Along with building trust, customer reviews can also boost sales. In fact, products with five or more reviews have a 270 percent higher chance of being purchased than products with zero reviews. When people see that others are happy with a product, they are more likely to make the purchase themselves.
  • Offers content opportunities: From your homepage to product description pages to social content and more, prominently showcasing reviews from existing customers is one of the best ways to quickly gain the attention and trust of new leads.

Should You Ask All of Your Customers to Write Reviews?

Not all customers are equal and when it comes to reviews, that especially is true. After all, you don’t want to risk flooding your site with negative reviews before first addressing and resolving those customers’ complaints.

Before asking customers to write reviews for your business, make sure they are:

  • Recent buyers: Reach out to customers who recently purchased from your company. Your product will be fresh on their minds and they’ll still be experiencing that “new purchase” excitement. Try to target customers who bought within the last one to three weeks for best results.
  • Referring others: Identify customers who are referring friends and family to you. These customers are already advocating on your behalf and would most likely be willing to write a public review as well. You can find these individuals by adding a form at checkout that asks new customers for the email address of who referred them.
  • Happy: Above all else, ask customers who are satisfied with your product to write a review for your business. You can find these customers by targeting repeat buyers, or even reaching out to people posting positive things about your business on social media.

Examples of How to Ask Customers to Write Reviews

The best way to get customers to write reviews varies from company to company. However, there are a number of creative ways that can motivate customers to sing your praise:

  • Automated emails: Send an automated email asking customers to share their experience with your product or service. Make sure to schedule this email at an appropriate time, however. For example, give customers enough time to really use your product or service, rather than asking for reviews as soon as an order is placed.
  • Detail page forms: Request customer reviews directly on the product description page on your website. This gives customers who have purchased that item a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-find place to write a review.
  • Social campaigns: Leverage your community on social media with a simple post that points customers to a place where they can submit a review. For example, encourage customers to write reviews directly on your Facebook page. This will help you quickly increase the number of responses you receive and help get your brand in front of more people. Sharing your favorite customer reviews on social media is also a wonderful way to get more people to write and share their thoughts with the hopes of being featured themselves.
  • In-person testimonials: If your business has a storefront, take advantage of in-person reviews given by customers through casual conversations or even questionnaires they can fill out at checkout.

Final Thoughts

Reviews provide priceless insight into what your customers think about your business or product, even if that message is negative. Good reviews help to validate that you are on the right track, while bad reviews help you identify areas of improvement. No matter the sentiment, reading, evaluating, and responding appropriately to each customer review you receive will help you improve the experience for everyone.