Free Trial: CRM, Email Marketing, Getting Paid, Appointments, and More

Chapter 01: Free Trial: CRM, Email Marketing, Getting Paid, Appointments, and More

Whether you have one hundred customers or one million customers, the question is always the same: How do you keep those customers happy?

A CRM tool is built just for this job. It can help a business of any size track, organize, and anticipate every customer need. A CRM system such as Keap stores data about existing customers, tracks new leads, manages tasks, analyzes data, and stores communication. All these features help you organize important information and daily work in one place.

Still not convinced your small business needs a CRM? Start a free trial of Infusionsoft to see for yourself. Infusionsoft helps you get your daily work done, and CRM is just one piece of the puzzle. Infusionsoft also offers automation to eliminate daily, administrative tasks, a drag-and-drop campaign builder for assets like landing pages, promotional emails, and nurture campaigns, invoicing and payments, and more.

What’s Included in the Free TrialAll the features of a paid Infusionsoft plan are included in the free trial, allowing you to truly see the tool in action.

Learn how Infusionsoft can help your business and explore some of our most popular features:

Organize information and daily work in one place

Thanks to a robust CRM, all your customer information is stored in one place, synced with all your apps. You can also clearly see what to do next and stay on track with our task management feature:

CRM: Easily upload, store, and manage detailed records for your leads that include information like name, address, email, type of customer, phone number, purchase history, and website. Once you have all this information stored in Infusionsoft, you can create lists to segment your leads. For example, you could create lists based on region, company name, or job title. This allows you to better customize your campaigns to what really matters to your customers, resulting in higher email engagement and deeper relationships. Task management: Centralize your to-do list and manage tasks so you never forget an action item again. Add new tasks to the app by adding a task title, due date, notes, and associated contact. You’ll see all your tasks in one place and you can check each corresponding box when the task is completed. Integrations: With more than 230 native and supported integrations, Infusionsoft works with the tools you use on a daily basis. For example, you can integrate with QuickBooks or Xero to make sure your records are automatically reconciled — no more double data entry! Visit the Infusionsoft Marketplace to browse hundreds of our integrations.

Free yourself from repetitive tasks

Say goodbye to repetitive, administrative chores like building manual reports in Excel or invoicing clients on a regular basis. Infusionsoft saves time and alleviates stress with features like analytics, payments, and invoicing:

Payments and invoicing: Create invoices and connect your bank with Infusionsoft to help you get paid faster and get out of the cycle of bill collecting. Using an intuitive invoice editor, you can upload your logo, choose which contact to bill, set the due date, and add line items. Then, when you connect your bank and use Infusionsoft Payments, you’ll be able to accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover directly through our app. Appointments: Schedule and manage appointments by sending an online link which allows customers or prospects to choose from your available meeting times. It reduces back-and-forth coordination, syncs with your existing online calendar, and sends out auto-reminders so clients are prepared and on-time.

Deliver personalized, reliable services

Your clients want to feel like you just “get” them and are responsive to their needs. Get rid of those manual, repetitive chores with Infusionsoft, so you can focus on providing that personalized experience for your clients.

Marketing automation: A simple drag-and-drop interface lets you create marketing campaigns tailored to your specific promotions and business needs. Using the Campaign Builder, you can choose from a number of free, pre-built campaigns or create your own. Once you’re in the editor, you can customize the sequence and goals for your campaign, and build landing pages. With Broadcasts, you can choose from a gallery of email templates or create your own. You can then edit the text, images, buttons, and more, and even A/B test elements of your email (like subject line or CTA). If you want to develop or refine your marketing strategy with an expert, schedule a free coaching session with an Infusionsoft small business consultant. Sales automation: Automate follow-up reminders, create reports, and forecast creation based on prospect needs and trends. Then, when you’re ready to close the deal, you can create, manage, and share custom quotes directly from the app. You can also streamline your sales cycle with a visual pipeline. You can add add cards to each stage of your pipeline and drag them to different boards as they move from one stage to the next in your sales process. Within each card, you can add contacts, notes, team members, and even send emails.

For more information on how Infusionsoft works, explore our on-demand webinars and online demos or schedule a free one-on-one demo with someone from our product team.No more worrying about the detailsInfusionsoft is designed to get work done intelligently, saving you time and alleviating stress. It lets you manage your customers and your business in one place. When all this important information is centralized, it’s easier to see the latest status on tasks, sales opportunities, and email results.

What does this mean for you? You’ll be more organized, spending less time on repetitive tasks and more time on creating a personalized experience for your customers.

Start your free trial of Infusionsoft today. No credit card required.