Reporting on your performance

Campaign reporting

Available in: Keap Pro


Having visibility into to the success of your campaign is made easy with the campaign reporting function. This function allows you to easily assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and see how they are directly impacting your business.

When a campaign is published and running, you will see statistics for that campaign on the campaign card. This includes total contacts running through your sequences, total emails sent, total emails opened, and total emails with links clicked by the recipients.

The campaign workspace will automatically open in reporting mode. Filter by preset date ranges or set a custom date range. You can select any sequences of your campaign to see how many contacts are in that sequence, what they have received, and statistics on every email in that sequence including open rate and click rate.

There are a collection of reports like the campaign enrollment tracker, campaign engagement tracker, campaign progression tracker, and so on. You can click into any of these reports and customize the parameters to find the campaign statistics you need.