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Automate payments through Keap without having to switch payment processors

The Nexus Merchants payment integration is ideal for businesses that want to stay with their current payment provider.

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Seamless integration with your current merchant account

By accepting payments through Keap, you could:

  • Save time by automating tedious billing tasks
  • Bring in money faster by automating overdue payment follow-up
  • Gain visibility into which marketing activities are bringing in the most money

And since Nexus Merchants allows you to keep your current payment processor, enjoying these benefits is easier than ever.

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Fast, seamless setup

There’s no need to retrain your team on a new merchant system. Simply choose the Nexus integration in Keap and set up your first Easy Automation in minutes.

Simple & affordable pricing

Straightforward pricing designed for small businesses:

  • $0 monthly fee

  • $0 chargeback fees

  • Low transaction fee in addition to your regular merchant rates

Nexus is a Keap customer

Because they’ve used Keap for over 11 years, the folks at Nexus know how to make their service easy to use with Keap.

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