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Super-charge your Keap app using PlusThis

60+ tools to help you easily launch the latest strategies

If you’re a power user of Keap, then you know all the amazing things it can do… and a few places where it doesn’t yet sync with your other technology. That’s where PlusThis comes in. With 60+ tools to choose from in a single integration, it brings even more functionality to the Keap software you already love and use every day.

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Flow of PlusThis integration with Keap

Here’s a sample of 4 powerful tools you can choose from:

Texting your clients automatically

Text back while you sleep. Or work. Or present.

Similar to a chat bot, the 2-way automatic SMS text messaging tool replies right away so you don't have to. Use it to automatically pre-qualify leads, interact after lead magnet download, message a lead who completes a video, answer questions during a webinar… the possibilities are endless.

  • Less than 1 cent per message

  • Include GIFs and Pictures

  • Syncs with your Twilio account

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Target those who are already interested

Make the most of your Facebook ad budget by using the PlusThis Facebook Retargeting tool. When someone fills out your form in Keap but doesn’t complete the purchase, the tool will add those prospects into a custom audience so your Facebook ads are targeting those most ready to buy.

In a webinar on a laptop

Simplify webinar communication

Integrate Keap with your favorite webinar system such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, or WebinarJam. Register attendees, send reminders, segment attendees and non-attendees for appropriate follow up, and more, without the hassle of going back and forth between platforms.

A time counter with the words Sale Ends In above it

Create urgency whenever they enter your funnel

How do you create urgency for evergreen offers like automated webinars and new-lead specials? The Display an Evergreen Date tool will display a date three days from now, next Wednesday, or whatever timing works best to move prospects through your funnel towards a purchase.

Bring it all together for powerful advanced automation

Here’s how you can combine these four little tools with your Keap app to create one streamlined process:

  • Automatically text a reminder that your webinar is today

  • Retarget ads towards those who opted in to boost attendance

  • Create urgency with a time-sensitive offer on the webinar page

  • Respond via text to common questions while you’re still presenting

  • After the webinar, segment those who did and didn’t attend with different offers and unique expiration dates

  • View sales results reporting right in your Keap app

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