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Customer Story | 5 min read

Thought Penny Saves Hours Every Day with Keap + HelloSign Integration

Keap + HelloSign Integration

Thought Penny is a B2B company that provides virtual assistance services to local Australian businesses. They have a team of virtual assistants that provide services such as streamlining processes, improving productivity, automating workflows, and more. Many of their services are billed at an hourly rate, and clients can purchase blocks of hours at a given time.


Thought Penny deals with many documents on a day-to-day basis - from new-hire contracts to work agreements with clients. As word of their services spread, demand for their virtual assistants quickly grew and they found themselves needing to easily scale their assistant and client onboarding processes.

Due to the vast range of services and packages they provide, the number of documents and agreements quickly got out of hand. Prior to using the HelloSign + Keap integration, Fiona Campbell (CEO of Thought Penny) would create the agreement in Microsoft Word and have it signed through AdobeSign. This process was cumbersome and time-intensive.

“Every time I sent an agreement, I would put it together in Word. It was probably taking me the better part of a day to complete one agreement,” says Campbell.

“I was getting to the point where I was hesitant to take on more business.” - Fiona Campbell


When Fiona heard about the HelloSign + Keap integration, she knew there was a way to improve her client onboarding process.

“When the HelloSign integration became available, I knew I needed to take action. I reviewed my agreements, templatized them all, and put them into HelloSign,” adds Campbell.

The HelloSign and Keap integration allows Fiona to quickly and easily fill out an internal form, check a box, and send an agreement to a new or existing client. The agreement is auto filled with the client’s details from Keap and automatically sent once the internal form is completed. What previously took hours now takes only minutes.

“Everyone is blown away by the fact that they have [the agreement] in their inbox within 5 minutes of agreeing to work with me.”

Thanks to the HelloSign + Keap integration, Fiona is now able to spend time on the more important things in her business. She is able to sign an additional 3 clients per month, something that she never would have thought possible before the HelloSign + Keap integration.

"Now with the time it’s saving me, I can sign an extra 3 clients per month.” - Fiona Campbell

Integration overview

With the HelloSign + Keap integration you can automatically:

  • Send documents to sign directly from Keap
  • Autofill Keap contact data into contracts, invoices, and agreements
  • Store document and user info within the Keap contact record
  • Trigger automation once a document has been signed


Save time

Agreements used to take the better part of a day to complete. Now they are completed and sent minutes after the conversation with the client is over.

“The fact that I can click a button, fill out some details, and [an agreement is sent] means I don’t have to hire someone else on my team to do it. It’s another team member for me,” says Campbell.

Convey professionalism

Agreements are sent quickly, which conveys a strong sense of professionalism to the client.

“Having that difference in the customer experience is priceless - it makes us look like a bigger team than we actually are,” says Campbell.

Improve organization

Easily connect all relevant actions to a single form, which can be filled out with a few simple clicks.

“My internal form allows me to automatically send a service agreement, submit an invoice in Xero, set up a project in Harvest (a time-tracking software), create a channel in Slack, and set up a client folder in Google Drive. It saves me hours every time I sign a new client,” adds Campbell.

How Thought Penny is using Keap + HelloSign to grow

#1: Seamlessly onboard new clients with an internal form

Thought Penny connects Keap to HelloSign through an internal form. With a click of a button, Fiona can complete an internal form and immediately trigger a HelloSign agreement to be sent. This allows her to seamlessly onboard her clients in a scalable fashion.

#2: Automate everything possible

Thought Penny also connects Keap to other tools, such as Google Drive, Harvest, Slack, and more. When the same internal form is filled out, a Slack channel, Google Drive folder, Harvest account, and invoice are all created automatically. This enables Fiona to focus on the more important things in her business rather than administrative tasks.

#3: Maintain personal touch through reminders

Not everything can be automated. In fact, it shouldn't. Certain elements of your business require a personal touch, but that doesn't mean automation can't help. Fiona uses automation to send personalized communication through Keap to remind clients to sign their HelloSign agreements. With Keap, she also creates internal notifications to follow up if an agreement hasn’t been signed. This allows her to keep a personal touch with her clients while ensuring her documents are signed.

About Keap

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