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Keap offers free educational webinars for small businesses


Our purpose at Keap is to help small businesses succeed, and we want to do all we can to help set you up for continued success.

As a result, we’re offering free daily educational webinars where we discuss Keap’s proven method that we’ve used over the past 18 years to help thousands of small businesses get organized and grow. Attend live or watch the recordings at your convenience.

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Join a session at 1 p.m. PDT every other Wednesday

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Session Recordings

5/13: List Building Strategies to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

4/28: Grow Your Email List with Enticing Lead Magnets

4/14: Create an Amazing Flash Sale Campaign

3/31: Sales & Marketing Tasks You Should Automate

3/3: How to Generate Leads on Social Media

2/10: How to Create a Profitable Online Sales Funnel

2/3: The 7 Campaigns for Dramatic Growth

1/20: Creating an Effective Sales Process

1/6: List Building Strategies for 2021

12/22: Planning Your Success in 2021

12/2: Building the Perfect Webinar Funnel

11/18: Lifecycle Automation: Capture and Convert leads with the right holiday marketing campaign

11/5: How to design a sales page that converts with Misty Kortes:

9/9: Lifecycle Automation Expert Misty Kortes talks through how to convert clients by creating a profitable sales funnel

8/27: Lifecycle Automation Expert shares how to use the right campaigns to create a cash surge in your business and convert clients

8/12: See how Misty Kortes uses Lifecycle Automation to harness the power of partnerships

8/12: See how Misty Kortes uses Lifecycle Automation to harness the power of partnerships

7/28: Misty Kortes uses Lifecycle Automation to Network like a Pro

7/14: Convert Clients: How to launch a holiday marketing campaign

7/7: Convert More Sales Using a Sales Pipeline and Automation

6/30: Lifecycle Automation Expert, Misty Kortes focuses on Creating Fans with the Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy

6/23: Using lead magnets to target, attract and capture more leads

6/17: To Bot or Not - Lifecycle Automation Expert Misty Kortes talks through how and why you should be using chat bots to collect more leads

6/9: Create Raving Fans with Lifecycle Marketing and Automation

6/3: Lifecycle Automation from start to finish. See how LCM uncovers methods that help you collect leads, convert clients, and create fans to guarantee growth in your business

5/27: LCM expert Misty Kortes talks how to create consistent, high-quality content to turn prospects into customers and customers into raving fans

5/20: Converting leads into sales. Setting up your sales process and pipeline with LCM expert, Misty Kortes

5/13: Lifecycle Automation Expert, Misty Kortes, talks Collecting Leads: How to turn your website into a lead generating machine

4/29: Learn how to use automation to improve your lead conversion with Jack Smithson

4/22: Jack Smithson shares tactics on how to collect leads with automation software

4/17: Misty Kortes, your marketing coach, brings the motivation in implementing LCM to help your business thrive

4/16: See how Jamie Gilleland saw great success by implementing LCM in her business

4/15: Sarah Watz shares her experience with Lifecycle Automation in her business, Pixpro

4/14: See what LCM success looks like once it's been implemented

4/13: See how to create your own playbook for growth

4/10: JMac helps Bob identify gaps and areas of opportunity in his business

4/9: Justin MacDonald talks through how LCM is effective in all businesses by conducting live strategy sessions with two, drastically different entrepreneurs

4/8: Justin MacDonald does a live strategy session with Dondrae for his event planning & marketing business, Eventism

4/7: Justin MacDonald reviews the LCM playbook with Greg Jenkins, owner of Monkeypod marketing

4/6: Lifecycle Automation Expert Justin MacDonald uses his own business to demonstrate LCM, and discover opportunities for success. See why LCM works

4/2: Cofounder Scott Martineau discusses how to make offers that close the deal

4/1: Scott Martineau and Justin MacDonald discuss how to properly engage leads to convert them into long-term clients

3/31: Keap cofounders Clate Mask and Scott Martineau discuss the method to collect leads seamlessly with Justin Macdonald, Founder of Authority Football

3/30: Cofounders Scott Martineau and Clate Mask introduce Keap's proven small business growth formula

3/27: Clate and Scott wrap up the Entrepreneurial Mindset by discussing Entrepreneurial Independence

3/26: Discussing the three components of disciplined optimism, and how to cultivate in your business

3/25: The value of balancing your emotional capital bank account, to conquer the chaos

3/24 STEAR Method; Discussing Mind over Meaning

3/23: Keap Founders Clate Mask and Scott Martineau discuss the importance of approaching entrepreneurship with the right state of mind

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