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Sync your contact lists from MailChimp and Constant Contact to Keap

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Laura Sills

Keap Integration with Mailchimp and Constant Contact

Two things that are true:

  1. Changing your sales and marketing platform is hard
  2. Segmenting your email list is hard

Something that is also true:

  1. Migrating your audiences from Mailchimp and Constant Contact into Keap is easy.

Introducing: Keap’s New Native Integrations with Mailchimp and Constant Contact

Migrating from one platform to another is no joke: I’ve done it. It can take businesses years, multiple phases, dedicated teams - and it still doesn’t go smoothly. The thing is, platforms have to build their systems in a way that differentiates themselves from others, so it makes sense that migrating from one system to another is basically like assembling a 3,000 piece lego set without instructions. You have to think about mapping customer information, custom fields, products you sell, rebuilding automations, and about 2,996 other things.

There are pieces of the process that should be done carefully and slowly, like handling purchase history and product setup. However, the most important part to get up and running as quickly as possible when changing your sales and marketing platform is your email list. The ability to continue speaking to your customers without interrupting their experience, even while you’re still learning and planning how to rebuild your customer journey in a new system, mitigates the risk of abandoned leads, lost sales, and a poor customer experience.

How Keap’s New Native Integration Sets You Up for Success

Here’s where Keap comes in. Keap released a native integration with Mailchimp and Constant Contact to make it as simple as possible to import both your contacts and audiences. I’m going to repeat that, in bold, for dramatic effect: you can now import your audiences from Mailchimp and Constant Contact directly into Keap.

In less than 5 minutes (yes, I timed it) you can sync over all of your contacts from Mailchimp or Constant Contact, and keep your pre-built audiences intact. This gives you the ability to pick up with your customers right where you left off, delivering the right message to the audiences you’ve worked so hard to customize and design. Syncing contacts quickly between systems is good, but not having to rebuild all of your segmented audiences and lists is GREAT. You can send email broadcasts to your segmented audiences while you get the right automation in place inside your new Keap app, and then when you’re ready, plug them right into your pre-built automations to keep the conversation going.

An unintended benefit of changing systems is the ability to look at your entire customer journey from a top level and make some adjustments (if you need to). Want to connect a high performing lead magnet to a different product? Change it. Want to create two variations of a specific product instead of one? Create it. Missing an evergreen sales sequence for one of your main revenue drivers? Write it! Getting yourself organized to switch systems forces you to take a look at and identify the gaps in your current customer lifecycle. Keap specializes in automating your entire customer journey - from collecting leads to converting them into clients to turning them into your raving fans.

For step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Keap and Constant Contact, click here.

For step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Keap and Mailchimp, click here.

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