Email Marketing Automation Software

Chapter 01: What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation software is ideal for businesses of all sizes, as Keap’s robust, yet simple email marketing automation tools can help your company automate more efficient and strategic email marketing, so you can focus on more important tasks while growing your business. Email marketing automation programs like Keap’s will help you send welcome emails or a series of automated emails that bring your prospects to top of funnel. Expand your contact list, send specific messages to your target audience and include strong calls-to-action (CTAs) to add more value by encouraging leads to subscribe or buy. Ensure you’re sending the most compelling message to the right people at the appropriate time via email marketing automation.

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Chapter 02: Why automate your email marketing?

75% of respondents to an Adestra survey agreed that saving time was the biggest benefit of marketing automation tools. Email marketing automation platforms in particular are a major contributor to those valuable time savings.

In fact, automated email marketing software benefits include:

  • More personalization: Crafting personalized and highly-targeted campaigns takes a lot of time and effort. That’s where email marketing automation comes in. These systems can track customer engagement across your content, build a campaign based on their observed preferences and provide content in which they would have already demonstrated interest, thus ensuring higher conversions and fewer unsubscribes.
  • Save time: Automated email marketing systems allow you to integrate their functionality with your current project management and CRM software, consolidating data in real time, which can then be used to send automated emails based on triggering events.
  • Grow at scale: When your business’ capacity increases, an automated system can accommodate your growing needs.
  • Use lead nurturing campaigns to target customers: Generate automated email reminders. By using automated email follow up software, you have the ability to automatically segment your leads based on their interactions with your website and content at different times.
  • Create effective drip campaigns to stay in touch: Most email platforms support drip campaigns, which are essentially a series of emails that are automatically sent to recipients over a series of days or weeks. Creating a drip campaign can be an extremely efficient way to nurture leads and consistently remind them of the value you offer.
  • Create customer loyalty with marketing automation: Measure loyalty by tracking touchpoints and gaining feedback from customers on how they feel about your product/services throughout their journey. Use automation to determine who your brand advocates are and offer incentives to encourage referrals.
  • The best email marketing automation tools help you be consistent as you engage with your leads across many channels in real time. Sales email automation software can also help you stay top of mind for prospects, those who are most likely to purchase.

    Chapter 03: How email marketing automation works: some examples

    Some examples of email marketing automation tool applications include:

  • Contact forms: Rather than making your customers wait for a response to their inquiry, you can leverage email marketing automation by generating responses to go out as soon as a customer completes a contact form.
  • Repetitive requests: Sales email automation software handles emails that you find yourself typing over and over again. Instead, create a sequence of emails that automatically go out that cover specific information that may be important to customers.
  • Event workflows: You can use automated emails to handle event registrations and attendee communication before, during and after an event. For example, you could set up emails to remind customers to attend the webinar and then send them the recording after the webinar.
  • Abandoned shopping carts: When someone adds a product to their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, you can trigger an email to remind them of their forgotten item. This email could even include a special coupon code to incentivize the customer to finish their transaction with free shipping, for example.
  • Purchase reminders: For those businesses whose customers make purchases on a predictable cycle, like paying once a year on pet insurance, for example, enter past customers into an automated email series to remind them to renew their subscription on the anniversary of their initial purchase.
  • Chapter 04: Summing up

    And, to take it to the next level, when you pair email marketing automation with CRM (customer relationship management), your marketing becomes more sophisticated and you'll be able to generate leads, follow up with them, and watch the revenue come in.

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