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Chapter 01: Productivity solutions are not one-size-fits-all

Productivity style

The quest of a small business owner (SBO) is one that Infusionsoft by Keap knows well. If you’ve made the leap into starting or running your own business, you’re likely doing it because:

  1. You’re passionate about the service you provide and/or the customers you serve;
  2. You want or need more control over your schedule and income which owning your own business provides outside of the 9-to-5;
  3. You crave the challenge of running your own business; or
  4. You’ve found an untapped opportunity most haven’t recognized, and the best way for you to take advantage is to take action.

While these are all perfectly legitimate reasons to go your own way, the reality is that much more work goes into running a small business than most people anticipate. It’s true that as a SBO the only person keeping tabs on your time is you, however you’re not just wearing the hat of a manager. You also have to wear the hats of accountant, IT, human resources, customer services, sales, and marketing. It’s no wonder that 72 percent of SBOs feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

This often means SBOs need to choose how they spend their time, which can lead to disorganization and a severe lack of productivity. In fact, three in four SBOs with struggling or failing businesses credit their lack of productivity with lack of organization.

Some SBOs are excellent at presenting hardline, quantitative evidence for why their product or service is the best, but are so entrenched in numbers they struggle finding the creativity for compelling and personable messaging. Others are full of grand ideas which could revolutionize their industry, but clunky technology or lack of organization makes it difficult for them to get their message to their audience.

Whatever the case, almost all SBOs struggle to be more productive when it comes to managing their businesses. However, most solutions for this problem are not one-size-fits-all. Not all SBOs operate in the same way, therefore not all solutions meet their business productivity needs.

Luckily, we’ve created an assessment to help SBOs find their productivity persona to help pinpoint where they can succeed, where they struggle, and what kind of solutions can solve their unique business management problems.

Ready to discover your productivity persona and boost your productivity? Take our assessment.

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Chapter 03: About the author

Author, Jenn Leslie

Jenn Leslie

Jennifer enjoys writing and editing educational and actionable content for small business owners blazing their own paths. She also spends her time wrangling the chaos that is two mini humans (aka her kids), cheering on the 8-time World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, and hiking the hills of Northern California. Follow her on Twitter: @JenniferMLeslie