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Track more than one pipeline in Keap Pro

Easily move deals between pipelines and set up automation to run on any pipeline.

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Screenshot of the Keap Pro sales pipeline dashboard

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Pipeline Automation

New sales pipeline automations can be set up in the Campaign Builder so that emails are sent automatically when you move a lead from one stage to another. Available on Keap Pro plan only.

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Keap integrates with Zapier

Keap and Zapier, Integrated

Keap and Zapier have partnered to bring Keap users premium Zapier integrations, free for 90-days (offer valid only for new Zapier customers). Zapier gives you the ability to integrate Keap with hundreds of other apps to automate your work. Link your apps to share data and build processes faster.

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A solution for incomplete purchases beginning today

Respond to failed purchases automatically. Create sequences in Campaign Builder that immediately sends an email to prompt the purchaser to enable another payment method when a transaction fails.

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