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Keep your hard-earned clients

Don't lose clients to poor follow up or ineffective CRMs. Keep and grow your business.

The smarter way for small businesses to do great work

Keap organizes your client information & daily work in one place, freeing you up from repetitive tasks.

Customer working with Keap on a computer while talking to a client on the phone.

CRM, sales and marketing automation together in a smarter way

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Organize leads

All new and existing leads are in one place. All of your client information is accessible anywhere, 24/7.

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Get the job

Take the friction out of winning work with hassle-free scheduling and easy quoting.

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Get paid

Get out of bill collecting and get paid faster by tracking outstanding invoices.

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Stay connected

Deliver the kind of service that earns you referrals, leading to long-term relationships (and business).

I love that I can set everything up once and then have it run automatically in the background while I work on other areas of the business.

Johnny Laurent - Johnny Laurent Consulting

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