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Our shared purpose fuels entrepreneurial growth

Keap is a Purpose, Mission, and Values driven company

Our purpose is to help small businesses succeed.

Our mission is to simplify growth for millions of businesses.

Our values are an everyday process where leaders and Keapers through word and deed show that:

Icon of a person hugging a heart

We genuinely care

We listen to, care for, and serve the diverse people central to our purpose: our employees, partners, customers, shareholders, and entrepreneurs everywhere.

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We own it

We are a culture of performance and accountability. We face challenges with grit and optimism to achieve our goals.

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We learn always

We have a forever curious, learn it all mindset, and we value knowledge. We use data and experimentation to innovate and constantly improve.

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We build trust

We build trust through transparency and open, authentic communication. We assume positive intent and we’re the first to extend trust.

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We check ego

We check our ego at the door. Humility and gratitude help us work collaboratively, serve others, and accomplish more.

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We dream big

We empower the entrepreneurial spirit by believing in people and championing their dreams. We solve big problems with big dreams.

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We win together

We are one team, unified in our Purpose and Mission. We all win when everyone does their part in service of the whole.

We call our people “Keapers,” because that’s what they are. Every Keaper is unique. We’ve built a work culture that reflects them and our diverse customers.

Image of employee
Image of employee
Image of employee
Everyone believes in you, and everyone is willing to listen to you. We talk about real world issues and how issues of diversity impact our users. As a proud queer, BIPOC ally, and body positive advocate, I feel empowered here.

JennAfer Spruell - Keaper

I love our core values, purpose, and mission. When I first started, I was a single mother and appreciated the support I got to be a great Keaper, and I was encouraged to be an even better great mother. Now, I’m a woman in leadership.

Lindsey Hamilton - Keaper

Keap has always worked with small businesses of all types. Our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives make me feel confident that our leaders and executives are listening and learning. I love that Keap allows us to be ourselves. I’ve felt a true sense of belonging in my 10 years here.

Maurice Colon - Keaper

There’s also no “one size fits all” mentality at Keap. We embrace every Keaper as a unique individual and work with them to carve a tailored, rewarding career path.

Leaders work 1:1 in collaboration with Keapers to create an action plan geared to each person’s goals and skill sets. That allows us to:

  • Commit to career growth through continuous, real time feedback

  • Host twice-yearly Leader-Keaper Exchanges where we look back at previous performance and chart future goals

  • Create a forever curious, learn-it-all mindset which values learning over knowledge

  • Encourage experimentation to innovate and constantly improve

Keap Careers

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Culture of belonging

Keap’s Diversity & Inclusion Team ensures that all Keapers feel welcome and reach their full potential through belonging. This group of Keapers and executives help ensure equity and elimination of all forms of discrimination.

It all begins with training and awareness which empowers Keapers to be their authentic selves.

Our values guide every aspect of how we build our teams, cultivate leaders, and create a company that’s a good fit for all Keapers. We are on a journey together and our commitment to foster inclusive culture keeps us moving forward.

Come grow with us

We're committed to building a more diverse workforce

We serve a diversity of small businesses—and we strive to reflect that diversity within the walls of Keap. We know we have a ways to go to build a truly equitable and inclusive environment, but we are committed to this journey and working hard every day to build a more diverse workforce.

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31 women in a team lead or leadership role as of 2020.

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With 3.5 years average tenure, Keap is a comfortable place to work for all age groups.

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In the last 5 years, we've increased diversity by more than 5%.

Recent diversity initiatives

Established the CEO Council on Racism:

A group of Keapers who have been gracious enough to share the unique challenges that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) groups face. The Council’s objectives are to show We Genuinely Care, unify Keapers, and remove unconscious racial bias.

Creating more opportunities for BIPOC Keapers:

We’re enhancing our hiring outreach to target minority communities, enhancing leadership development, and systemically identifying emerging talent to further promote equal promotional opportunity.

Once a Keaper, always an entrepreneur

We don’t just believe in small businesses—we encourage the small business dreams of our own employees. Each Keaper gets a lifelong Keap or Infusionsoft app to support their own small business endeavors.

Many now run their own successful businesses on the side. These Keapers are engaged in everything from photography, woodworking, and craft brewing to candle making, catering, and teaching. They’re living the small business dream with the full support of Keap.

Picture of Ashley Linford
Ashley Linford

Full-time Keaper & owner of The Hollywood Bug Guys

Picture of Ernest Sacco Picture of Josh Johnson
Ernest Sacco & Josh Johnson

Full-time Keapers & owners of How to Collect Cards

Picture of Brandon Clute
Brandon Clute

Full-time Keaper & co-founder of Birdytell

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