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Keap is guided by its purpose, mission and values every day

Our purpose is to liberate and empower entrepreneurs to strengthen families, communities and economies.

Our mission is to simplify growth for a million entrepreneurs worldwide by 2030.

Our values are an everyday process where leaders and Keapers through word and deed show that:

  • We genuinely care.

    We listen to, care for, and serve the diverse people central to our purpose: our employees, partners, customers, shareholders, and entrepreneurs everywhere.

  • We own it.

    We are a culture of performance and accountability. We face challenges with grit and optimism to achieve our goals.

  • We learn always.

    We have a forever curious, learn-it-all mindset and we value learning over knowledge. We use data and experimentation to innovate and constantly improve.

  • We build trust.

    We build trust through transparency and open, authentic communication. We assume positive intent, and we're the first to extend trust.

  • We check ego.

    We check our ego at the door. Humility and gratitude help us work collaboratively, serve others, and accomplish more.

  • We dream big.

    We empower the entrepreneurial spirit by believing in people and championing their dreams. We solve big problems with big dreams.

  • We win together.

    We are one team, unified in our Purpose and Mission. We all win when everyone does their part in service of the whole.

We call our people “Keapers

Why? Because they keep our customers moving toward their goals and dreams for their businesses. They keep innovating in every way possible. And they keep our “why” at the center of everything we do.

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There’s also no “one size fits all” mentality at Keap. We embrace every Keaper as a unique individual and work with them to carve a tailored, rewarding career path.

Leaders work 1:1 in collaboration with Keapers to create an action plan geared to each person’s goals and skill sets. That allows us to:

  • Commit to career growth through continuous, real-time feedback

  • Host quarterly Leader-Keaper Exchanges where we look back at previous performance and chart future goals

  • Foster an environment where learning, experimentation and curiosity lead to growth and development

Keap Careers

Where everyone is welcome and empowered

Keap’s Diversity & Inclusion Team ensures that all Keapers can reach their full potential through belonging. This group of Keapers and executives helps ensure equity and elimination of all forms of discrimination.

It all begins with training and awareness, which empowers Keapers to be their authentic selves. We are on a journey together, and our commitment to fostering inclusive culture keeps us moving forward.

We're committed to building a more diverse workforce

We serve a diversity of small businesses — and we strive to reflect that diversity within the walls of Keap. We know we have a ways to go to build a truly equitable and inclusive environment, but we are committed to this journey and working hard every day to build a more diverse workforce.


Percentage of female Keap leadership as of 2022.


Average tenure (in years) of a Keaper as of 2022.


Diversity increase in the last few years.

Recent diversity initiatives

The CEO Council on Racial Equality

This group represents Keapers who have been gracious enough to share the unique challenges that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) groups face. The Council’s objectives are to show We Genuinely Care, unify Keapers, and remove unconscious racial bias.

Opportunities for BIPOC Keapers

We’re enhancing our hiring outreach to target minority communities, improving development through a mentorship program with Keap leaders, and systemically identifying emerging talent to further promote equal promotional opportunity.

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