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Boost your sales with lead management and tracking software

So what is lead management? It’s the process of acquiring and tracking prospects at every touchpoint in the path to becoming a customer. With software like Keap, every step becomes more effective.

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See the benefits of lead management & CRM software

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Start generating leads that turn into sales consistently

Easy to say but hard to do, right? If you have powerful tools like Keap’s lead magnet blueprints, landing pages, dedicated sales funnels, internal forms, and consultation appointment scheduling, you’ll capture qualified leads on a regular basis.

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Know what’s going on with every lead in real-time

By allowing you to enrich the data around leads, Keap ensures that your new customer records are updated with all the important information. Plus, you can check the status of every lead with up-to-date reporting.

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Identify the leads that are ready to buy now

Naturally, some leads are going to be better suited for your business or likely to purchase quickly. With Keap’s lead management CRM, you can apply tags, score leads, and automate the entire sales pipeline.

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Create lasting relationships with new customers

The best customers are the ones that stay with you. That’s why Keap provides the tools and tactics that allow you to automate personalized messages that reach customers at the perfect time.

The best of the best-rated lead management software

While Keap’s lead scoring stands out against competitors like Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, and Kartra, it is also the only platform that offers all the features listed here:

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Appointment scheduling

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Dedicated business line

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Multiple sales pipelines

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Payments, quotes, and invoicing

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Onboarding and 24/7 phone support

It’s so powerful because all of my customer info is in one place.

Josh Satterlee | West Coast Chiropractic Experts

Last year, Keap customers added an eye-popping 343 million contacts.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is lead management?

    The most basic definition is the process of acquiring and nurturing leads into customers who make a purchase. While this is a more involved and in-depth process than traditional advertising techniques, it is also a fraction of the cost and offers greater levels of conversion.

  • What does Keap’s lead management software cost?

    It depends on the size of your business, the industry you’re in, and what features are important to your sales and marketing plan. Check out our pricing and plans here. The good news is that you can give Keap a try for 14 days with absolutely no commitment or credit card needed. Try Keap for free now.

  • What is the lead management process?

    For Keap, there are 5 important steps

    • First, there is the lead generation or lead capture stage, where you collect leads from your lead magnets and marketing materials.

    • Second, the lead enrichment and tracking step allows you to organize, classify, and filter leads within your sales lead management process.

    • Third, the lead qualification and scoring step helps you identify leads ready to purchase now.

    • Fourth, the lead distribution process advances the hotter leads to sales automations and/or team members that will close the deal.

    • Fifth, the nurture process advances the relationship to the next steps, whether leads or customers or established fans of your business.

  • What is lead management in CRM?

    Using automation, the lead management process becomes a lot easier to manage with a powerful CRM, like Keap, at its core. This allows you to deliver personalized experiences, amazing customer service, and quality products or services without adding a ton of staff hours or new hires. It’s a huge benefit for businesses looking to scale.

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