Sales and email marketing templates

Now it’s easy to know what to write in your marketing, sales, and customer service emails. Simply download our series of free email marketing templates and personalize them with your business info.

Announcement Email Templates Cover Image
Announcement Email Templates

Build hype, anticipation, and awareness with these intriguing announcement marketing email examples and templates.

Cold Email Templates Cover Image
Cold Email Templates

Customize these cold prospecting sales email examples and templates that won’t make you feel spammy.

Follow-up Email Templates Cover Image
Follow-up Email Templates

Six series of fully customizable email marketing templates — including text messages — and sales email examples.

Newsletter Email Templates and Themes Cover Image
Newsletter Email Templates and Themes

Four starter newsletter templates, marketing email examples, and dozens of theme ideas for newsletters sent on any schedule.

Promotional Email Templates Cover Image
Promotional Email Templates

With these effective marketing email examples and templates, you’ll be ready to improve your sales dramatically.

Reminder Email Templates Cover Image
Reminder Email Templates

Give these kind and gentle reminder email marketing templates a try to deepen your relationships with customers.

Sales Email Templates Cover Image
Sales Email Templates

Use these proven sales email examples and templates to reach new customers and supercharge your lead conversion.

Thank You Email Templates Cover Image
Thank You Email Templates

Add business thank you email templates to your lineup and watch your customer relationships improve overnight.

Welcome Email Templates Cover Image
Welcome Email Templates

Six ready-made series of email marketing templates for nurturing new subscribers and new customers, plus examples.

FAQs: How to use free business email marketing templates

  • What kinds of emails should entrepreneurs and small businesses send?

    There are three types of communications you can send. The business email examples on this page focus on broadcast and automated messages.

    1. 1:1 messages. This is an email or text message you send manually to a single contact. It is unique to that person. It’s highly personal but labor intensive as your number of contacts grows.

    2. Broadcast messages. This is a message sent to a group of people, such as when you send out a monthly email newsletter, or text all your customers about a webinar you’re hosting. It’s less personal but much more efficient.

    3. Automated messages. These are built once and then set to send when a customer or prospect takes a specific action, like filling out an online form, sending you a text, or moving to a new sales stage. It allows you to personalize at scale—to send templated yet personalized messages to individuals at the right time.

    Keap’s software allows you to send all three types of communications from a single platform. You get your own business phone line for calls and texts right on your existing phone, it syncs with your email software, and allows you to send broadcast and automated messages. Try it now for free.

  • How do I improve my sales emails?

    It’s important to sound confident and enthusiastic, but not needy. Use words like “please” and “thank you” sparingly. Although polite, these words suggest that the prospect is doing you a favor by reading your email, that they have the upper hand in the relationship.

    Instead, you want to come across as an equal partner who is coming to them with something they need. So instead of being overly polite, be enthusiastic yet willing to walk away if they’re not ready. If the lead expires from your sales follow-up series, put them into an email nurture series such as a newsletter.

    Read through your sales emails and ask which of these tones is more prevalent, and change the wording accordingly.

    • Not good: Hey, you’re ignoring me, I need you to pay attention to me and reply so I can get what I want: your business. I’m basically sitting around waiting for you to get back to me whenever you feel like it.

    • Good: I’m so excited that I have something that can help you, and I hope we can work together! But if you’re not ready to move forward, I have other prospects who are, and I’ll pay attention to them instead if I don’t hear from you. My time and attention is valuable, and you have a limited window of opportunity before I move on.

    For more tips on writing strong sales emails, check out this article on writing cold emails that get responses. You can also read through some of our business email examples to see good emails in action.

  • How do I get started with email marketing?

    You essentially need five things:

    1. An understanding of who your best type of customer is, and their needs, desires, and pain points as it relates to the solution you offer

    2. An offer that provides the solution that they’re looking for. Note that what they think they need may be different than what you know they need based on your expertise.

    3. A customer journey, or sales funnel, that leads a prospect from unawareness, to awareness, to a sale.

    4. Content for your emails that takes prospects through that journey

    5. Software that automates the customer journey so you don’t get overloaded with manual follow-up work.

    Read this article to learn more about email marketing.

  • How do I write good subject lines?

    You can use a tool like our email subject line generator to generate ideas.

    Another technique is to look through your own inbox and take note of what subject lines make you feel compelled to open them, and why.

    Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about what they care about and what is most likely to get their attention.

  • Where can I find more business email examples?

    To see what other companies are doing, check out these welcome email examples.

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