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Maximize your investment in Keap with services and support from Keap’s
business automation experts.


We’ll help you manage automations, so you can focus on running your business

You’ll get the most out of your investment in Keap if you regularly update your automations, try new campaigns, and automate important workflows. But this takes time and expertise.

Sign up for Keap’s monthly membership services to get growth going faster. There are three levels to choose from, all of which include access to a dedicated Growth Strategy Manager, premium support, and weekly group coaching.






Starts at $997/mo*

Growth Strategy Manager

1:1 strategy call



Monthly or weekly

Premium support

Weekly Elevate Group Coaching

Monthly mastermind group

Done-for-you business automation services**

1 request per month

4+ requests per month

List cleaning

25K credits quarterly

50K+ credits quarterly

*Platinum membership starts at $997 with a 6-month commitment.

**Business automation services must be used monthly. They can’t be banked for later use.


Outsource to the automation experts

Harness the power of business automation without the learning curve or the time investment with our done-for-you services. Purchase them separately for only $499 each or get them as part of a monthly membership. See our FAQ for more services.

  • Marketing automations

    • Lead Magnet Download for lead capture and follow-up
    • Schedule a Free Consult to drive appointment scheduling and pre/post-call nurture
    • Contact Us for quick and easy lead capture and nurture

  • Sales automations

    • Sales Offer Broadcast for sales emails and online checkout
    • Re-engagement Offer to nurture and convert lukewarm leads
    • Sales Pipeline to automate your sales or fulfillment process

  • Service automations

    • Client Onboarding to welcome new customers and usher them through next steps
    • Customer Survey to request feedback and reviews
    • Testimonial Request to ask for testimonials without any awkwardness
    • Refer a Friend to automatically ask happy customers for referrals

  • Operations automations

    • Hiring so you can screen and interview job candidates more easily
    • Employee Onboarding to bring new team members up to speed, consistently
    • Podcast Guest Management so you can focus on content creation
    • Automated Collections for Overdue Payments so you get paid sooner

  • Custom automations

    Don’t see what you need here? No problem! Our business automation experts can create a custom done-for-you automation tailored to your needs. Submit your request using the link below.


Let the experts import your data and assets

Getting all your contacts, products, emails and more transferred over to a new system can be… intense. Let our detail-oriented migration experts handle all that for you! In addition to 15 hours of free migration services, we have a variety of affordably priced services.

  • Advanced Data Import – $999

    This advanced import package offers a one-time import of your data. You’ll work directly with your project coordinator to choose the most reliable data import method.

    • Import includes contacts, companies, tags, notes, tasks, appointments (Ultimate only), opportunities (Ultimate only), deals (Pro/Max, limited), and products.
    • Up to 50 files total (each sheet in an Excel file counts as a file).
    • This one-time CSV data import will be completed in 5-7 business days.

  • Limited Ecommerce Data Import – $999

    We’ll securely import your ecommerce data, including orders, subscriptions and credit cards.

    • Import includes contacts, order history, subscriptions, credit card data, payment records and products.
    • This one-time CSV data import will be completed in 5-10 business days.

    Note: If you also need help importing CRM data (including, tags, companies, notes and tasks), check out the Ecommerce Data Import, which combines this limited ecommerce import with our Advanced Data Import.

  • Ecommerce Data Import – $1,999

    A combination of the Advanced Data Import and the Limited Ecommerce Data Import, this package smoothly migrates your products, order history and payment records, customized for your ecommerce business.

    • Includes everything from Advanced Data Import plus order history, subscriptions, referral partners (Ultimate only), and file attachments.
    • Does not include importing credit card data. That is available as a separate service.
    • This one-time CSV data import will be completed in 5-10 business days.

  • Credit Card Import – $399

    This package provides a safe, secure and easy import of credit card data so you don’t lose valuable sales when transitioning to Keap.

    • Includes credit card data for new or existing contacts. We prioritize your customers’ security and privacy at all times.
    • To ensure your customers’ privacy, credit card data must be sent using Keap’s data encryption method.
    • This one-time CSV data import will be completed in 3-7 business days.

  • Data and Campaign Transfer – $999-$1,999

    If you need to transfer your content from one Keap application to another, we offer three solutions to meet your needs:

    • Advanced Data Transfer: Includes contacts, companies, tags, notes, tasks, appointments (Ultimate only), opportunities (Ultimate only), deals (Pro/Max, limited), and products. $999
    • Ecommerce Data Transfer: Includes everything from Advanced Data Import plus order history, subscriptions, credit cards, referral partners (Ultimate only), and file attachments. $1999
    • Campaign Transfer: We’ll transfer your Advanced or Easy Automations from one Keap application to another for $99 per campaign/automation.

  • Data and migration services – Starting at $150/hr

    Maybe you just need one CSV file imported, or only a couple email templates recreated? We’ve got you covered. All of our import and migration services come at an affordable hourly rate if you don’t need a bundled service. If we can’t import it, we’ll recreate it for you.


Get out of spam boxes and into inboxes

There are few things more frustrating than building a powerful marketing campaign only to have your emails bounce or go to spam. Our email deliverability experts can help you with strategies that save your emails from the spam folder.

  • Email List Cleaning – $499+

    Check the validity of email addresses on your list without sending an email to them and risking your email sending reputation. We’ll check for spam traps, defunct email addresses, hard bounces and more! Improve your email deliverability, placement and engagement by ensuring you’re sending to valid/verified email addresses.

  • Dedicated Email Sending – $999/mo

    Send all of your emails from your own dedicated IP address to maximize your sending potential. No need to worry about a shared environment — you’ll have complete control over your email sending behavior and can maintain a good sending reputation on your own IP address.

  • Email List Rehab – $1,200+

    Deliverability hurting? Engagement down? The Keap email experts can help with proactive AND reactive list hygiene, and help you set up processes to proactively manage your future engagement. Clean your list, target your emails, and see better deliverability and greater conversion. Fill out the form below to chat with an expert and get started.

Let’s take your small business to the next level, together.

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Frequently asked questions


    • How do I know if a Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership is right for me?

      If you want to do it yourself with some expert guidance

      The Silver membership is best for customers who want to learn to do things on their own and need some additional guidance, training and accountability. It’s also an excellent choice for customers who value “skipping the line” and getting straight to a tenured support representative when calling in.

      If you want to learn Keap and also get done-for-you services

      If you want to learn Keap and do most of the setup yourself, yet still get done-for-you services for certain things, then our Gold membership is for you. You’ll have access to hands-on instruction designed to help you quickly become proficient in the software, 1:1 and group coaching to help you perfect your strategy, and one done-for-you service per month.

      If you want Keap experts to do all your setup

      If you don’t have the time or desire to learn how to implement Keap and would rather have Keap experts set up your CRM and automations for you, our Platinum membership is for you. It includes monthly done-for-you services fulfilled by The Factory by Keap. It’s a proven, cost-effective way to quickly delegate Keap implementation on an ongoing basis. Our team will have regular calls with you to understand your company’s needs and ensure they build to your specifications.

    • What’s a Growth Strategy Manager?

      Your Growth Strategy Manager (GSM) will work with you one-on-one during regularly scheduled calls to help you identify areas of opportunity, develop your business automation strategy, and ensure you’re achieving your growth goals.

    • What is premium support?

      Premium support gives you priority assistance from a dedicated team of skilled technicians. Enjoy shorter hold times and faster resolution time when you have access to Keap’s most tenured support reps.

    • What are Elevate Group Coaching calls?

      Each month we choose a business growth topic to focus on (e.g., lead generation, sales conversion, etc). During that month, you’ll meet weekly with a group of your peers as a Keap expert walks you step-by-step through the process of designing, building, and launching an automation to help you achieve that goal.

    • What is the monthly mastermind group?

      A small business mastermind group offers the benefit of collective wisdom and diverse perspectives, allowing members to tap into the knowledge and experience of peers to solve challenges, make informed decisions, and generate innovative ideas.

      Each Keap Mastermind group will be facilitated by a Keap Strategy Manager and comprised of your fellow business owners and leaders. Together you’ll brainstorm, discover new ideas, and stay accountable to taking the action needed to move your business forward. Mastermind groups are a powerful way to accelerate your growth.

    • How do I submit done-for-you requests?

      All service requests are submitted on The Factory portal. After starting your Gold or Platinum membership, you’ll receive login credentials to this portal. There you can access training, tools, and resources, as well as submit service requests.

      Scroll down in the FAQ below for the lists of standard, plus, and premium requests. Requests must be used monthly; they cannot be saved up for use in later months. Turnaround time varies depending on project complexity but is 3-5 business days on average.

      To request a service that is not covered by your membership, or if you’re not a Gold or Platinum member, use to submit your request. If you don’t see a service you need listed, ask us to provide a custom quote for you.

    • What business automation services are included with my membership?

      Business automation services can include anything done within a Keap account. This includes but is not limited to: campaign build-out, dashboard reporting, referral partner setup, etc.

      What’s included:

      • Rebuilding old campaigns (to clean them up)
      • Building landing pages and order forms
      • Lead capture campaigns
      • New lead nurture campaigns
      • Conversion campaigns
      • Webinar campaigns
      • Sales offer campaigns
      • Long-term nurture campaigns
      • Basic fulfillment campaigns
      • Upsell campaigns
      • Cart-abandonment campaigns
      • Referral campaigns
      • Online review campaigns
      • Customer satisfaction survey campaigns
      • Third-party tool integrations
      • Data import and cleanup (step-by-step instructions may be required)
      • Basic membership site work
      • Basic in-app administrative work

      What’s NOT included:

      • Custom or complex membership site work
      • Woocommerce work
      • Website theme updates
      • WordPress plugin updates
      • Hosting management
      • Web server maintenance
      • Custom API programming
      • Web server administration
      • Campaign cleanup (Submit a request for a new campaign instead.)
      • Tag cleanup (Submit a request for a new campaign. We’ll create new tags and old ones can be deleted.)

    • What standard business automation services are available for Gold and Platinum members?

      • Lead magnet offer (ebook, etc)
      • Newsletter opt-in
      • SMS opt-in event lead capture
      • Over-the-phone lead intake
      • Consultation request
      • New lead nurture
      • Re-engagement series (humble apology)
      • Automated email re-engagement
      • 3-way re-engagement
      • Fast cash (flash sale)
      • On-demand Webinar
      • Cart abandonment campaign
      • Personalized long term nurture
      • Content long term nurture
      • New customer welcome/onboarding
      • Product or direct mail fulfillment
      • Email upsell
      • In-cart/order form upsell
      • Simple customer satisfaction survey
      • Online review generator
      • Simple referral request
      • Duplicate contact cleanup
      • Dashboard report
      • Historical reporting campaign
      • Memberium password reset
      • Add copy to a campaign
      • Bulk tasks
      • Landing page edits
      • Implement ROI tracker
      • Simple survey
      • Order form
      • Landing page
      • Test my campaign
    • What additional business automation services are available for Platinum Plus members?

      • Pay-it-forward flywheel
      • Progressive lead capture
      • Lead magnet –> Tripwire –> Core Offer
      • Quiz or assessment
      • One-time webinar
      • Evergreen webinar
      • Sales pipeline
      • Assembly line campaign
      • One-click upsell
      • NPS survey
      • Tag clean up
      • Data import
      • Billing automation
      • Task list
      • Migration service
      • Free book + shipping
      • Help me clarify my request
    • What additional business automation services are available for Platinum Premium members?

      • Custom requests
      • Membership onboarding
      • Cycling offers
      • 5-day challenge
      • Product launch
    • What are list cleaning credits?

      Gold and Platinum members receive Klean13 credits to use every quarter to help maintain a clean email list. Improve your email deliverability, placement and engagement by ensuring you’re sending to valid/verified email addresses. Use your credits to:

      • Remove hard bounces
      • Identify spam traps and bots
      • Verify email addresses and remove defunct addresses
      • Better segment your list

      Depending on your membership, you get a certain allotment of list cleaning credits every quarter:

      • Gold: 25K
      • Platinum Standard: 50K
      • Platinum Plus: 75K
      • Platinum Premium: 100K

    • What does “third-party integration setup” mean?

      Third-party integrations are software tools created by companies other than Keap, which can be connected to Keap so that the software tools work together. For example, Graphly is a third-party integration that turns report data from Keap into graphs and charts. CustomerHub hosts online courses and membership sites and syncs with Keap’s CRM.

      As a Platinum Plus or Platinum Premium member, you can request that our experts set up the connection between your Keap app and certain third-party integrations. See the lists below as to which integrations we can set up at the plus and premium levels.

      Please note: Your Platinum membership does not include the cost of third-party software. You would still be responsible for paying the price charged by the integration’s provider. Once you have a subscription with the other provider, we can help you connect it to Keap.

    • What are plus integrations?

      • AppointmentCore
      • Calendly
      • CustomerHub
      • CustomerHub Next
      • EasyWebinar
      • Elementor
      • EverWebinar
      • FixYourFunnel
      • FuseDesk
      • Graphly
      • Gravity Forms
      • InfusedWoo
      • LeadPages
      • Memberium
      • Parsey
      • PicSnippets
      • PlusThis
      • ScheduleOnce
      • Spiffy
      • WordPress
      • Zapier
    • What are premium integrations?

      If it’s not listed as a plus integration, we’ll look at it and determine if it can be included. Minor API integrations, determined on a case-by-case basis.

    • Does this replace my VA?

      The Platinum membership can replace just about any Keap-related function that a Virtual Assistant is fulfilling. If your VA is useful in other areas, keep them around. If they’re just focusing on your Keap account, chances are our experts can do the job.

    • How much work can get done in one month?

      This depends on the type of work that needs to be done. It’s very common for 3-5 full campaigns to be built and launched in one month. Smaller requests will allow more to be finished in a month’s time, while larger requests will take longer.

    • What if I don’t know what campaigns I need?

      No worries at all! Your membership includes a 1-2 hour call with a coach who will help you develop your detailed Lifecycle Automation plan. You’ll be guided in defining exactly which campaigns will move your business forward. Also, each week you can join our Elevate Group Coaching calls and get live help and direction from one of our experts.

    • What if I don’t have enough requests?

      Go ahead and fill out the form on this page and let’s talk it through. Chances are there are many automation opportunities in your business. We can help identify those and ensure you get killer value from your membership.

    • What about copywriting? Can you help with that as well?

      The services memberships do not include copywriting services. However, as a Keap customer you have access to Content Assistant, which can help write copy for many common campaign types. You can also look for copywriters on the Keap Marketplace.

    • What if I’m not clear on my marketing strategy?

      That’s not a problem at all. You’ll start the program with a 1-hour strategy call with a coach to help you define the marketing strategies that will move your business forward. From that call, you’ll also receive a detailed list of requests you can submit to turn your marketing plan into reality.

    • What if I need a one-time service instead of a subscription?

      If you’re not ready for a monthly service but would still like some expert help with implementation, you can purchase many of our business automation services separately. Use to submit your request for a one-time service.

    • What if I need something not covered by Keap’s services?

      If you don’t see a service you need listed, ask us to provide a custom quote for your project. Our experts can fulfill just about any need, and we can also refer you to our Keap Certified Partner network for requests we’re not able to fulfill. To submit a custom request, use .


    • What’s the difference between an import and a migration?

      Data import refers to moving data from one place (like a spreadsheet) to another (like Keap). Migration involves building something, such as an email, an automation, a pipeline, etc.

    • What can Keap migrate and import for me?

      New Keap customers receive up to 15 hours of free migration services in which we’ll recreate your marketing assets, including:

      • Email templates
      • Landing pages (checkout functionality not included)
      • Web forms
      • Automations
      • Sales pipeline

      Your onboarding coach can import your data from a spreadsheet you provide, but you’ll need to make sure the data is cleaned up and organized first. You can also import contacts yourself using our easy tools, or with guidance from Customer Support if necessary.

      Advanced services, such as ecommerce imports and migrations beyond the free 15 hours, are available at an affordable price.

    • What isn’t included in Keap’s free migration?

      The following are NOT included in the free migration:

      • Checkout forms / ecommerce setup
      • Integrations / API / custom coding
      • Modifications

      For more information, call us at +1 866-800-0004 ext. 1 if you’re not yet a Keap customer. If you’re already a customer, you can fill out this form.

    • What if I need more than Keap’s free migration and import?

      You can purchase one of our advanced import packages, or we can give you a custom quote for services beyond the 15 hours you get for free. For details, call us at +1 866-800-0004 ext. 1 if you’re not yet a Keap customer. If you’re already a customer, you can fill out this form.

    • Will Keap import my contacts?

      Yes, as part of your onboarding coaching package, we’ll import your contacts. If you choose to import contacts yourself, it’s a pretty straightforward process using our easy importing tool. You can also contact Customer Support if you run into any challenges with your import. You also have the option of purchasing one of the advanced data import services mentioned above.

      However, please note: All customers are responsible for exporting their own data. Work with your current provider to export your data, then use these tips to clean up the data.

    • Can I use my Keap application while the migration and import is taking place?

      Absolutely. We encourage you to begin working with your application during the building process, especially building out automations, templates, pipelines, etc.

    • What if there are functional differences between Keap and my previous system?

      Each migration begins with a scoping call, where the migration expert reviews the system you’d like to migrate from. Major differences are typically reviewed at this point. If we come across significant differences, we’ll contact you to discuss the best next steps.

    • Which systems does Keap migrate from?

      We work with most major providers, including ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ClickFunnels, Constant Contact, HubSpot, Mailchimp and Ontraport. If your system isn’t listed, don’t worry. We can review during the scoping call to make sure there aren’t any major concerns.

    • Can I migrate from more than one system into Keap?

      Yes, we can migrate from multiple software systems. In fact, one of the benefits of switching to Keap is the ability to consolidate many pieces of technology into one streamlined system.

    • How long will it take to get set up in Keap?

      Most standard migrations and imports can be completed in 5-10 business days. Advanced import services may take longer, depending on the volume and complexity involved.

      Each project is unique, and timelines can vary. After your initial scoping call with our migration expert, we will be able to offer a definitive estimate.

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