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Together, we help businesses succeed

Become a partner and turn your sales and marketing automation expertise into products and services that help small businesses grow.

Choose a partner program

Four ways to partner

Certified Partner

Business consultants, agencies, and other sales and marketing pros seeking the best small business CRM to better serve their clients and scale their own business at the same time. Calculate your potential earnings here

  • Earn 20-30% commission on app sales for the lifetime of your client

  • Expand your service offerings to drive additional revenue

  • Gain exposure to Keap customers who need your services

  • Play to your strengths — sales, service, or both

Influencer Partner

Expert coaches, consultants, and speakers who use their influence to guide entrepreneurs to greater business growth by using Keap. Influencer partners typically host events where Keap speaks from their stage.

  • Put Keap in front of your audience, and we'll do the rest!

  • Earn commission for referrals who become customers

  • Gain exposure to Keap customers who need your services

Referral Partner

Anyone who wants to refer Keap to small businesses that need to get more done with less work so they can grow their business.

Get started
  • Earn up to $250 for each referral who becomes a Keap customer

  • Sign up for your unique referral link in minutes

  • Share your link and let Keap make the sale for you

Developer Partner

Software developers and other companies looking to build an app integration, plug-in or connection between their technology and Keap’s platforms in order to grow their user base.

Get started
  • Build an app integration, plug-in, or connection with Keap

  • Grow your user base through our Marketplace and co-marketing programs

  • Keap developer support available for more complex integrations

Why partner with us?

Software, training, coaching and a network of small business experts to help you build your business and other small businesses — while freeing up time to pursue the things you love.

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See your earning potential as a Keap Certified Partner

Thinking about becoming a Keap Certified Partner? Let us show you how you can earn recurring income while helping small businesses succeed! Simply enter the number of new Keap customers you anticipate bringing on, the average monthly cost of a Keap app, and what you think you can charge for implementing your services in the boxes below. When you’re ready to learn more, schedule a time with a success coach below:

Keap Certified Partner Calculator

Tips: Average Partner sells 2+ per month = 24 annually

Tips: Partner pricing is available

Tips: Average $2500

Tips: Average $300-500

Use of this Partner Commissions and Incentives Calculator (“Calculator”) does not create any contract or obligations between you and Keap and Keap does not provide any guarantee of actual earnings. All results of the Calculator are estimates only and cannot be relied on as an indicator of future results. Actual Partner commissions and incentives depend on a number of factors, including number of clients, cost of Keap Services and set up fees, retainer fees you choose, and commission rates and incentives that may apply under your particular Partner Agreement.

How to get started

01 Pick a program

Fill out the program form to get started. Not sure which program to pick? Schedule now or email us.

02 Get access

Get access to the tools, traning, and coaches in your selected program.

03 Get to work

Put your new product offering and services into action, typically within 1-30 days.


For help with our partner program, review the FAQs or email us.
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