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Keap Business Line includes:

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Voicemail icon Business voicemail

Message icon Auto-reply messages

Mobile phone icon Two numbers on one phone

Clock icon Separate snooze settings

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Customers expect businesses to be available 24/7.

Entrepreneurs can’t be available 24/7.

With Keap, everyone is happy.

Two numbers, one phone, zero confusion

Get a free virtual phone number for your business that works on your personal smartphone.

Graphic showing a new business call on the new Keap business line

Separate business and personal communications

Receive calls and text messages to both your personal and business numbers from one phone. You'll always know which number callers are trying to reach.

Automatically reply when you’re busy

Whether you’re at your desk, driving to meet a client, or at your kid’s soccer game, you can reply automatically, even when calls are snoozed.

Look professional and increase privacy

Customize voicemail for your small business, and snooze business calls separately from personal do-not-disturb settings.

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of Keap users saw an increase in clients when using Keap’s business line and mobile app.

(Source: Small business survey 2020)

Keap app + business phone line puts the power in your hands

Organize and access data on the go

View all your client info, jot down notes, set up tasks, schedule appointments, and even trigger automations right from your mobile app.

Every type of communication in one place

Use your virtual phone number and the Keap app to send one-to-one text messages, group messages and personalized automatic replies.

Manage your business from anywhere

Keap seamlessly syncs your mobile app to your desktop app so you never miss an opportunity.

The mobile app lets me run my business from my phone. You can send appointment links for lightning-fast response to prospective or current clients after calls.

Lisa Yee-Litzenberg | GCDF

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Keap Business Line (KBL) work?

    When you use Keap Business Line, a toll free number will be automatically assigned to you by default. If you choose, you can upgrade to a local phone number for an additional $7/mo.

    The mobile app will automatically sync with the desktop version of your Keap app (which you can access from any web browser).

    When a call comes in on your Keap Business Line, the display on your phone will clearly show that it is a business call.

    In your app, you can set up automatic replies, snooze calls and text messages, take notes after calls, organize your contacts and more!

  • What are the pricing tiers?

    Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
    Price $9/mo $19/mo $29/mo $59/mo $109/mo $229/mo
    Messages 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000
    Number of Minutes 100 300 500 800 1,000 2,000
    Toll-free number Included
    Overages $0.015 per message, $0.01 per minute
    Addons: 500 texts @ $5/month
    Local number @ $7/month

    *Tier 1 is included with Max. A 3-month trial of Tier 1 is included in Pro.

  • What kind of phone numbers can I choose from?

    By default, a toll-free number will be provided to you automatically. If you choose to purchase a local number, you can find a number by searching for the area code you desire, then choose from the list of available numbers that come up. You can also search for a vanity number like 480-555-DOGS.

  • Can I use my KBL phone number to send text messages?

    Yes. Your Keap Business Line operates just like a normal phone number. You can send individual text messages and group text messages.

  • Can I access my messages and calls from my desktop?

    Yes. All users can make and receive calls and text messages from their desktop Keap app.

  • Can I snooze calls and notifications separately from my phone settings?

    Yes. Go into the Comms section of the Keap app and select the three dots in the upper right corner to access the Do Not Disturb settings for your Keap Business Line. This is also where you can set automatic text replies to incoming calls and texts.

  • Can I block numbers and report spam calls?

    Yes, you can block numbers. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a way to report spam callers.

  • Can I dial out from my Keap Business Line?

    Yes. You can call any contact in your Keap app. To manually dial a number, go to Comms and click the dots in the upper left corner of your app.

  • Is caller ID included?

    Yes. If the caller is a contact in your Keap app, their name will appear on the incoming call display. Otherwise, the phone number will display without a name.

  • Can I import my phone’s contacts into Keap?

    Yes. Once you grant permission for Keap to access your phone’s contacts, you can choose to import only certain contacts or all contacts.

  • Is voicemail included?

    Yes. To set your custom voicemail greeting, go into the Comms section of the Keap app and select the three dots in the upper right corner. Select Calling settings, then Voicemail greeting.

  • Can I set up auto-replies if I miss a call or can’t respond right away?

    Yes. Go into the Comms section of the Keap app and select the three dots in the upper right corner, then select Messaging settings. You can send different messages for missed calls, calls outside of your hours of availability and calls missed while Do Not Disturb is turned on.

  • Can my team use my Keap Business Line?

    Yes. You can allow licensed users on your Keap account to make outbound calls. Contacts will see your Keap Business Line phone number on caller ID instead of the caller’s personal phone number.

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