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Grow smarter with Lifecycle Automation

Discover the proven framework for small business growth that can help you increase sales, provide a better customer experience, and open up opportunities.

Learn about Lifecycle Automation
Graphic showing the customer lifecycle: collect leads, convert clients, create fans
Nuño Silva
“I was able to grow my consumer revenue by 800% after implementing Lifecycle Automation!”

Nuño Silva | Founder of Papeloja | Keap Customer

Benefits of Lifecycle Automation

Build an intentional customer journey using the proven Lifecycle Automation framework as a guide. This provides a clear strategy for implementing small business automation to collect more leads, convert more clients, and create more fans.

Increase sales without increasing advertising costs

Rather than spending more money on marketing, increase your sales by eliminating the gaps in your customer lifeycle so that more leads become clients and more clients send you referrals.

Provide a customer experience that boosts revenue

By using a small business automation platform like Keap to automate your ideal customer journey, you create a consistent experience that delights prospects and clients, increases conversions, and generates repeat business.

Save time and open up opportunities

What important tasks could your team be focused on instead of sending follow-up emails all day? How much faster could you grow if clients were consistently sending you referrals? Simplify growth with sales and marketing automation.

Misty Kortes
“The fundamentals of Lifecycle Automation are the key to business success. After implementing Lifecycle Automation in my business, my revenue grew by 150% in 9 months.”

Misty Kortes | Founder of Your Marketing Coach | Keap Customer

Lifecycle Automation flow example

Lifecycle Marketing is now Lifecycle Automation

Lifecycle Automation (LCA), formerly known as Lifecycle Marketing, is Keap’s proven framework for small business growth, developed while working with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and their teams for over 20 years. We changed the name because automation is the key to making every phase of your Lifecycle Marketing efficient and sustainable.

Find and fill the gaps in your customer lifecycle