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Keap vs. HubSpot:
Premium features vs. premium prices

Unlike HubSpot, Keap is an affordable, all-in-one platform that grows your business instead of your expenses.

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84% of Keap customers saw an increase in clients

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Keap is ranked 9 out of 10 for customer service

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Keap received a 4.1 out of 5 rating on Capterra

Save hundreds of dollars

Keap Pro delivers critical features, custom-tailored to the needs of small businesses. Meanwhile, to receive even a fraction of Keap’s feature set using HubSpot, you’ll have to pay for add-ons that can cost anywhere from $800 to $1275 every month.


Keap Pro

Hubspot Professional

Hubspot CMS


Integrated payments

(w/$500 upgrade)

SMS & Domestic Business Line

Invoice tracking & alerts (in app)

Automated referral follow-ups

Keap is simply a better value than HubSpot

Keap’s lead capture tools convert your prospects into clients and customers. HubSpot’s comparable tools require integrations at an additional cost.

Keap’s user-friendly landing pages provide drag and drop customized on-brand designs. HubSpot’s page builder will cost you $800 per month.

Keap’s easy-to-use tool creates automated email campaigns based on timing and client actions. HubSpot costs more for a less integrated experience.

Tools to grow your business

Intuitive, custom email templates, launched and optimized on the fly at a 99.5% email deliverability rate. Deliver your message with confidence.

Keap is specifically built for small businesses that need to get organized, save time, and increase revenue. HubSpot caters to big business customers at big business prices.

Keap allows for payment embedding in your invoices as well as friendly reminders about outstanding charges for your clients.

Pick the right platform

Keap is the right platform for small business

Hubspot was built for big business, while Keap was designed from day one with your small business in mind; giving you follow-ups, organization, sales, invoicing, page builders and customization capabilities in a single, affordable, easy-to-use platform.

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More Organization, Less Work, Better Value

#1 Sales & Marketing Automation (SMA) software for entrepreneurial small businesses

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