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So many great leaders. So many diverse skills and perspectives.

From leader to leader, you’ll find very different skill sets and experience. But you’ll also find one very important thing in common: A dedication to providing entrepreneurs with what they need to grow, succeed, and impact the communities they call home.

Picture of Clate Mask

Clate Mask

CEO & Co-founder

Clate has a BA in Economics from ASU, as well as an MBA and a JD from Brigham Young University. He joined his brothers-in-law in 2002, developing the business we know today as Keap. Clate has been educating and inspiring entrepreneurs for over a decade and is recognized by the small business community as a visionary leader.

Picture of Scott Martineau

Scott Martineau


Scott started Keap (previously Infusionsoft) with his brother Eric in 2001. He received his BS in Computer Information Systems from ASU and has a passion for entrepreneurs and small businesses. This passion led him to help develop the ideas behind Lifecycle Automation, concepts that endure in the Keap and business communities to this day.

Picture of Carey Ballard

Carey Ballard

Chief Marketing Officer

Carey has a passion for helping companies find out exactly what their customers need and want. She has done this work for Tallwave, Lumin Digital and clients of her own marketing agency, Drive North. Now, as Keap’s CMO, Carey uses her expertise to help the small business community and position Keap as the industry’s leading business automation platform.

Picture of Ammon Curtis

Ammon Curtis

Chief Product Officer

Ammon runs the product, design, and engineering teams at Keap. He has led high-performing teams at multiple hyper-growth companies where he steered corporate strategy, opened new market opportunities, and drove customer and revenue growth. Ammon has been recognized with awards from MAC6, ASU SkySong, Phoenix Business Journal, and Conscious Capitalism. Ammon holds an undergraduate degree in business marketing and an MBA from Arizona State University.

Picture of Ryan Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan leads Keap’s finance, accounting, data analytics and operations teams. His experiences leading companies to growth include raising over $85 million in a successful IPO for a healthcare technology company, and growing another healthcare services company from ~$95 million to over $220 million in revenue. Ryan received his BS in Information Systems from Brigham Young University, and his MBA with a finance specialization from Arizona State University.

Picture of Tera Garcia

Tera Garcia

VP of People

Tera started her Keap career in 2014 as an executive assistant, working her way to her current position, where she attracts, develops, and retains talent for the company. She is committed to Keapers' success and has implemented a Growth and Development Team within People Ops to foster employee engagement, leadership training, and other programs tailored to the company’s goals.

Picture of Tom Thornton

Tom Thornton

VP, Customer Success

Tom joined Keap in 2017 to lead the Customer Success teams. Previously, he led growth for customers at Intuit and Allscripts, so a passion for the success of small businesses has always been a staple in his career. As the VP of Customer Success, Tom is dedicated to building world-class customer experiences through innovative business models and the adoption of Keap’s Lifecycle Automation.

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