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Top 6 TED Talks for Many Unusual Productivity Solutions

Jeanette LeBlanc

Jan 11, 2018 · 5 min read

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Work smarter, not harder. Get more done in less time. Multi-task. Focus. Create To-Do Lists. Invest in software. Use a timer. Download that app. Embrace a system. Wake up earlier. Exercise more. Read this book. Clear your desk. Zero your inbox.

While we don’t claim to have any of the official answers on how to be more productive, we are as interested in it as probably are. We drool over outside-the-box solutions and we do love a good TED talk, so we thought, why not find the best TED Talks on outside-the-box productivity? Well here they are   

Top 6 TED Talks for outside–the-box productivity tips

1. Paolo Cardini: Forget multitasking, try monotasking (2:52)

How many things are you doing right now? Be honest. I’m willing to bet you’ve got two to three devices within arm’s reach. You might have music playing. Maybe you’re working on a project, and reading this blog (and Facebook is likely open too, ‘fess up). This talk takes to task the myth that we get more done by doing more at once.