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5 Things You Really Need to Read: The Branding Edition

Ellis Friedman

Updated: May 28, 2020 · 3 min read

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Does the concept of branding ever feel like the universe?


As in, you know it exists, but you’re not entirely sure where it came from or just what it’s made of—or how you’d go about making one yourself?

Your brand is sort of like its own little universe, and its up to you to populate it with planets, stars, asteroid belts, the whole shebang.  Here are some of the best articles from the online universe to get your brand from launch pad to orbit.

Why Small Businesses Need Strong Logos (via @Entrepreneur)

Everyone in branding loves to talk about how your logo is not your brand, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to have a good logo. Your logo sets the precedent for a lot of your other visual branding like typography and colors, so it’s important that it’s not an afterthought. 

How to Build Your Brand With Humor so You’ll Feel Like a Human (via @CoScheduleBlog)

Do you hate laughing?

angry leslie knope.gif

Well then you’re probably the only one, because almost everyone loves a good laugh. Humor will strengthen your brand, and CoSchedule has great tips—from the rule of three to cacophony—to help you put some good hearty chuckles into your brand.

we are laughing.gif 

Branding 101: The Small Business Guide to Building a Killer Brand Identity (via @OPENForum)

This article breaks down how to implement your brand identity and shows it’s not necessarily as nebulous a task as you think. And guess what? Most of your brand identity doesn’t have to do with you; it has to do with your employees and your target customers. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Branding for Small Business (via @LinkHumans)

This short interview with branding expert Dr. Darren Coleman has a few great nuggets about branding, including the surest way to ruin a brand and why everyone can benefit from branding and differentiation.

A Millennial Speaks About Branding Your Small Business Via Social (via @TargetMktg)

Those Millennials, they know everything, don’t they?

yolo millennials.gif

Well, I guess we won’t go that far (though as a Millennial myself, I like to think it could be true), but when it comes to branding on social media, they might have a little more insight into it than older generations. This post is just three quick points and not an in-depth how-to, but they’re good reminders for building a brand on social media. 

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