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Lifecycle automation assessment:
The ultimate framework for business growth.

Compare your business against the industry’s top performers with our proven formula and instantly reveal the strengths and gaps of your business.

Get your overall lifecycle automation effectiveness score

We have the tools you need to evaluate where you are today, identify your areas of opportunity, and gaps with your customer lifecycle, and prioritize your next best steps.

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Identify the next best opportunity for your business

This assessment will help focus your efforts to improve your current processes and achieve the biggest possible impact. We’ll break your assessment into our 9 phases, and provide custom recommendations for you during your Strategy Session.

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Develop your customized Sales & Marketing Playbook

Complete your lifecycle automation assessment, then you can move on to your Sales & Marketing Playbook session, build your custom playbook and put it into action to cultivate more leads, capture more clients and create more growth for your business.

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What is lifecycle automation?

Lifecycle automation is our proven framework for growth, created by Keap after working with thousands of small businesses. We have created the tools you need to evaluate where you are today, identify your areas of opportunity and gaps within your customer lifecycle, and prioritize your next best steps to take.

Lifecycle automation is made up of 3 key systems and 9 phases:

Collect leads


Clearly define your target customer so you understand who they are, why they have pain, and where they go to find answers.


When you understand the problems and motivations for your target customer, you can then launch enticement tools like high-value content that address their biggest pains and aspirations.


Now it’s time to carefully build bulletproof lead capture methods so that you are collecting contact information into one central place for later follow up.

Convert clients


This is where you get to educate your buyers. It’s up to you to guide them properly so they look to you as someone they can trust. Do it right and you can create a monopoly in their mind so that they only think of you when it is time to buy.


Get clear on the most critical steps in your sales process and make sure it aligns with what your clients needs are. As leads engage, present offers that lead them to the most natural next step.


Streamline a simple process for clients to purchase from your business by implementing tactics that align with your sales cycle.

Create fans


Make sure you’ve systematized your delivery so that clients consistently get everything they were sold.


Create intentional plans to go above and beyond with every client, consistently. Leave a mark that keeps them coming back for more.


Guarantee repeat business, positive reviews and customer referrals by intentionally planning these into your customer journey.

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