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Keap vs. AWeber: All-in-one CRM vs. email only

AWeber mostly just sends out email blasts. Keap’s business automation and CRM platform does that and a lot more, including 1:1 messaging, appointments, sales & marketing automation, invoices & payments, and more.

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Source: Keap Customer Survey 2020

Compare Keap vs. AWeber

Rather than subscribing to multiple single-purpose tools, like AWeber, for $20+ each, Keap allows you to consolidate all your essential sales and marketing technology in one place.


Keap Pro

AWeber Pro

Email marketing

Task management


Marketing automation

Text marketing

Business phone line



Invoicing & payments

Landing Pages

Phone support

Workflow automation

Who chooses Keap vs. AWeber?

Growing companies

Some businesses start out with AWeber but outgrow its limited capabilities and are faced with a choice: Add on other software tools to get what they need, or switch to an all-in-one solution like Keap?

For companies planning to grow rapidly, it’s worth investing in Keap from the beginning so there’s no downtime changing systems later.

A more robust platform like Keap can:

  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks

  • Increase income with sophisticated lead management

  • Help the business stay organized as it grows quickly

  • Improve agility by consolidating many tools into one platform

Service-based businesses

Keap is ideal for experts (consultants, coaches, speakers, agencies, etc.) in B2C and B2B markets who need to combine broadcast communications with a highly personalized sales process.

Keap has many important tools that aren’t available with AWeber:

  • Full CRM with both contacts and companies

  • Sales pipeline & task automation

  • Free business phone line

  • Automated, broadcast, and 1:1 email & text messaging

  • Quotes, contracts, invoices, and payments

  • Appointment scheduling & auto confirmations

Go beyond email blasts to marketing automation

With Keap, you can capture a lead, add them to your CRM, automatically send a welcome message, and create a task for sales outreach... all in the same system. AWeber’s CRM and automations are much more limited.

Personalize your sales follow-up by having Keap automatically reply to new leads, customer inquiries, or whatever you need. Keap’s automation takes as little as 3 minutes to set up and can do more than AWeber’s more basic automation.

With Keap, you get a free allotment of text message broadcasts every month. You can also use automations to send personalized text messages, such as when a lead books a call with you. AWeber doesn’t have text marketing.

Example of Keap lead automation
Example of Keap easy automation
Man holding phone view automated text follow up
Keap app open on computer screen
Phone with the Keap business line app open
Keap contact record on phone screen

All communications under one roof

With Keap, you can send 1:1 texts, emails, and calls from your phone and desktop. You can also send text and email broadcasts. AWeber does email broadcasting but doesn’t have text messaging or 1:1 communications.

Keap gives you a free business phone line so you can keep work and personal messages separate. AWeber doesn’t provide a business line.

From each contact record you can easily add notes, add tags, send messages, assign tasks, organize by company, and more. AWeber’s CRM options are more limited.

Photo of a woman writing on a pad of paper looking at the camera

Built for email vs. built for growing businesses

Many small businesses start out with single-purpose software like AWeber, but before long they’re managing dozens of different applications. Keap brings multiple sales and marketing apps together in one place, simplifying the technology so you can focus on growing your business.

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