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Keap vs. Constant Contact: Full automation vs. email & ecommerce

Constant Contact is limited to broadcast communications and online stores. Keap automates and streamlines the entire marketing and sales process, especially for service-based small businesses.

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Keap is rated 9 out of 10 for customer service

Keap customers save 10 hours a week

Source: Keap Customer Survey 2020

Compare Keap vs. Constant Contact

Keap has full Sales & Marketing Automation (SMA) capabilities. Constant Contact users need lots of extra tools match Keap's capabilities.


Keap Pro

Constant Contact Email Plus

Email Marketing


Landing pages

Text message broadcasts

1:1 & automated text messaging

Full CRM

Marketing automation

Task management



Invoicing & payments

Business line (phone & text, US only)

Free data migration support

Workflow automation

Who chooses Keap vs. Constant Contact?

Service-based businesses

Keap is ideal for experts (consultants, coaches, speakers, agencies, etc.) in B2C and B2B markets who need to combine broadcast communications with a highly personalized sales process.

Keap has many important tools that aren’t available with Constant Contact:

  • Full CRM with both contacts and companies

  • Sales pipeline & task automation

  • Free business phone line

  • Automated, broadcast, and 1:1 text messaging

  • Quotes, contracts, invoices, and payments

  • Appointment scheduling & auto confirmations

Constant Contact graduates

Many businesses start out with Constant Contact but outgrow its limited capabilities and are faced with a choice: Add on other software tools to get what they need, or switch to an all-in-one solution like Keap.

Small entrepreneurial teams don’t have time to manage multiple tools, so they choose Keap to:

  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks

  • Increase income with sophisticated lead management

  • Help the business stay organized as it grows quickly

  • Improve agility by consolidating many tools into one platform

Features that simplify growth

Keap gives you a free business phone line through the Keap app so you can keep work and personal messages separate. Constant Contact doesn’t provide a business line.

With Keap, you can send 1:1 texts, automate text outreach when prospects take action, and send text broadcasts, from both phone and desktop. Constant Contact only does text broadcasting.

Constant Contact accepts payments but doesn’t have the functionality to manage quotes, contracts, and invoices the way Keap does.

keap business line open on phone
Keap text message and appointment scheduling on phone
Keap payments and invoicing on phone
client automation messages
Example of Keap landing page builder
Example of Keap campaign builder

Features that land more leads

While Constant Contact allows you to send emails, Keap offers a full CRM and automation tool so you can follow up quickly and easily. No lead left behind!

Creating customized, on-brand designs has never been easier thanks to Keap’s user-friendly landing pages and email templates with drag-and-drop images, videos, lead forms, countdown timers, and more.

Keap’s powerful, customizable tool creates a sequence of automated email messages (or texts, or tasks) based on timed triggers and client actions. Constant Contact’s email marketing automation is very limited.

Photo of a woman writing on a pad of paper looking at the camera

Add business, not busy work.

Constant Contact does a great job of sending email, but growing businesses need so much more. Keap’s all-in-one CRM, marketing, and sales solution helps scrappy teams get more done in less time.

  • Free data migration support

  • Personalized communications that go out automatically

  • A single place to manage all marketing and sales activities

  • Systems to ensure that no lead falls through the cracks

  • Easy integration with other tools

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