Keap vs. Constant Contact:
Your business isn’t just email.

Your leads don’t end at email marketing. Neither should your software.

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84% of Keap customers saw an increase in clients

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Keap is ranked 9 out of 10 for customer service

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Keap received a 4.1 out of 5 rating on Capterra

Checkboxes don’t lie

To match Keap, you would need to purchase nearly half a dozen additional software platforms. More confusing, more expensive, less effective. That doesn’t sound like much of a deal.


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Features that grow your business

Keap gives you a dedicated business line through your existing phone; while Constant Contact offers no phone features at all.

Get instant alerts on client follow-ups, texts, and calls. “Star” your most important messages for later. With Constant Contact, you get no messaging, no alerts, no follow-ups.

Constant Contact lacks the ability to accept payments directly. With Keap, your clients simply click the "pay now" button embedded in your invoices.

Features that land more leads

While Constant Contact allows you to send emails, we offer that capability along with built-in lead capture tools to convert your new leads into clients and customers.

Keap’s user-friendly landing pages provide drag and drop images, videos, and lead forms, to create customized, on-brand designs.

Keap’s powerful, customizable tool creates a sequence of automated email messages based on timed triggers and client actions. Constant Contact sends emails with less customization and more limited automation.

Pick the right platform

Keap is the right platform for small business

Constant Contact does a great job of sending email, but your business needs more than just email. Followups, organization, sales, invoicing, page builders and customization capabilities all in a single easy to use platform. Stop settling for a single piece of the puzzle. Keap is your true all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing solution.

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