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Keap vs. GoHighLevel: All in one vs. a la carte

Keap and HighLevel both offer CRM & business automation software for agency small businesses. Keap offers all features at the base price, with costs only increasing if you add users or contacts. HighLevel starts at a higher price than Keap and adds on costs for many features.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

84% of Keap customers saw an increase in clients

Keap is rated 9 out of 10 for customer service

Keap customers save 10 hours a week

Source: Keap Customer Survey 2020

Compare Keap vs. HighLevel

HighLevel (also called GoHighLevel), allows agencies to sell whitelabeled apps to their clients but app tech support for your clients can cost extra or become the agency’s responsibility if you have more than two client subaccounts, whereas Keap supports all apps, including agencies’ clients. All of Keap’s features are included in the base price, allowing you to see your true costs up front, whereas HighLevel’s a la carte pricing can add up unexpectedly.







Landing pages

Sales funnels


Emails (1 to 500K)

additional (MailGun)

Text marketing

500 SMS messages included (U.S. Only)

No free messages –
pay as you go (Twilio)

Reputation management

$30/month additional (Yext)

HIPAA compliance

$297/month additional

Business phone number

Local or toll-free number, 100 minutes (U.S. & Canada only)

Pay per minute (Twilio)

Customer support

Included for all

Included for agency
but not clients

Priority support - 24 hour response

91% of cases resolved within 24 hrs

$300/month additional

Agency management

Dedicated account manager

Who chooses Keap vs. HighLevel?

Agencies who don’t want to provide tech support

Agencies can get a whitelabeled solution from HighLevel for an unlimited number of clients, but they’re then on the hook to provide all app tech support for their clients.

With Keap, you and your clients are supported by our highly-rated support team. On average, 91% of support cases are resolved within 24 hours, at no extra cost to the client or agency.

Keap’s Pro and Max plans include, in the base price:
  • A user-friendly automation builder, so you can easily build automated campaigns and share them with your clients to add additional value

  • A dedicated business phone line, so you and your clients can keep work calls and texts separate from personal communications

  • Text messaging, including 1:1, broadcast, automated and small group texts

  • An easy-to-use pipeline tool so you can see the status of all your clients and prospects at a glance

  • Outstanding customer support, including a dedicated Customer Success Manager, U.S.-based phone support, 24/7 chat support, and Keap Academy courses

Keap provides more value for your money and handles all customer support for you and your clients.

Easily manage all your marketing in one simple system

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, see all your contacts in one place with the desktop or mobile apps. Keap’s advanced CRM lets you group contacts by business (ideal for B2B selling), see all 1:1 and broadcast messages sent to each contact, and tag and segment leads however you want.

Send a broadcast, follow up individually, automate your follow-up—it’s all possible in one place inside of Keap. HighLevel requires you to pay extra for third party tools.

Keap can send quotes, invoices, and payment reminders. It integrates easily with payment apps like PayPal, merchant accounts, and ecommerce shopping carts so you can accept payment directly from Keap… then easily sync with Quickbooks.

Keap in app contact management
Keap in app text messaging and appointment scheduling
Keap payments and invoicing
Keap in app landing page builder
Keap in app appointment scheduling
Keap in app sales forecasting and reporting on laptop

Automate your personalized sales process so you can focus on clients

Keap’s user-friendly landing pages provide drag-and-drop images, videos, and lead forms, so you can create customized, on-brand designs for you and your clients.

Put an end to wasted time going back-and-forth to set up appointments. With Keap, just send your booking link. We’ll even send automatic reminders to reduce no-shows.

Keap comes with built-in reporting so you can easily see how campaigns are performing, identify bottlenecks in your sales pipeline, predict revenue, and much more. HighLevel doesn’t include sales forecasting.

Photo of a woman writing on a pad of paper looking at the camera

Software & service at a price you can count on

Although HighLevel allows agencies to offer whitelabel apps to their clients, it also leaves agencies responsible for tech support, charges more for extra features, and leaves agencies liable for their clients’ high usage costs for features like emails and text messaging.

With Keap, more features are included in the base price — including U.S.-based phone support and 24/7 chat support for ALL customers — so you know up front what you’ll pay.

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