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See how Infusionsoft stacks up to Salesforce.

While Salesforce is focused on mid-market and enterprise-level corporations, Infusionsoft by Keap is built for small businesses like yours. Compare the cost: Infusionsoft’s all-in-one solution offering CRM and powerful marketing, sales and automation for $199/mo. vs. Salesforce Pardot Growth at $1,250/mo.

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Better value for lower cost

If you’re a current or prospective Salesforce customer you’ll need to pay a whole lot more to match Infusionsoft’s powerful CRM, sales, and automation platform.





Sales & Marketing Automation

Landing Pages


Conversion Rate Optimization


Shopping Cart

Invoice/Quote Management

Capture leads and build out powerful campaigns

While Salesforce offers lead capture capabilities via their Sales Cloud integration, Infusionsoft’s built-in lead capture allows for quick views and editing of the entire list. That sends the right message to the right people.

Keap’s user-friendly landing pages provide drag and drop images, videos, and lead forms to create customized, on-brand designs. Salesforce’s landing pages require time-consuming procedures.

Infusionsoft’s flexible, customizable Campaign Builder offers complex automation powered by simple processes.

Tag and target the right audience and get paid

Tags are one of the most powerful segmentation tools in Infusionsoft, and divides contacts into very specific lists to reach the right people with targeted messages. Salesforce doesn't offer this critical tool.

Infusionsoft’s shopping cart actually creates custom storefronts for your website. Salesforce has no shopping cart capability.

Salesforce offers email templates, but Infusionsoft’s easy-to-use email templates can be quickly customized, launched, and optimized on the fly.

Pick the right platform

Your choice: add up the Salesforce extras or pocket the Infusionsoft savings

Here are some pricey add-ons to consider. The Salesforce Email, Mobile and Web Marketing Studio package costs $400/mo. Social Media Marketing costs $1000/mo. Digital Advertising is $1,250/mo., and B2B Marketing Automation is $1,000/mo.

While Salesforce is built for mid-market and enterprise-level corporations, Infusionsoft provides an affordable, laser-like focus on your small business needs.

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More Organization, Less Work, Better Value

#1 Sales & Marketing Automation (SMA) software for entrepreneurial small businesses

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