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Keap vs. Salesforce: Small business solution vs. enterprise solution

While Salesforce is focused on CRM for mid-market and enterprise-level corporations, Keap is the CRM and business automation software built for growing small businesses just like yours.

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Keap customers save 10 hours a week

Source: Keap Customer Survey 2020

Compare Keap vs. Salesforce

Keap’s all-in-one sales and marketing automation software is priced to fit small business budgets. By comparison, Salesforce’s entry-level options are low on price but also low on features, and their enterprise-level service has features comparable to Keap but is out of the price range of most small businesses.


Keap Pro

Salesforce Professional

Email marketing

Task management


Marketing automation

Text marketing

Business phone line



Invoicing & payments

Landing pages

Sales forecasting

Phone support

Lead scoring

Workflow automation

Who chooses Keap vs. Salesforce?

Small businesses that want to do more with less software

Salesforce customers typically have an entire technology department to manage their many specialized software packages, licenses, and third-party integrations. Keap is usually managed by a business owner or a key member of their team who wears multiple hats in the business.

Because small businesses operate with a lean staff, Keap is an ideal solution because it combines multiple services in one package, including:

  • Email marketing

  • Text marketing

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Sales pipeline

  • Task management

  • Quotes and contracts

  • Invoices and payments

  • Sales and marketing automations

This allows entrepreneurs and their teams to manage less software and integrate operations more easily than with multiple tools.

Service-based businesses seeking personalized service

Because Keap is designed for the needs of small businesses, it comes with personalized services above and beyond what most competitors provide, such as:

  • Free migration services

  • U.S.-based phone support for all paid plans

  • 24/7 chat for all plans

  • Strategic expert coaching

  • Done-for-you professional services

  • Free Keap Academy workshops and courses

  • A highly engaged user community

Keap is ideal for service-based businesses and B2B businesses with hands-on sales processes, automating routine sales tasks so that business owners and their employees can spend more time on high-value activities.

B2C businesses also use Keap for its ecommerce capabilities and because automation allows them to personalize communications even with a high volume of leads and customers.

Capture leads and build out powerful campaigns

With Keap, you can capture a lead, add them to your CRM, automatically send a welcome message, and create a task for sales outreach... all in the same system. Salesforce requires additional software to do all that.

Keap’s user-friendly landing pages provide drag and drop images, videos, and lead forms to create customized, on-brand designs. Salesforce’s landing pages require time-consuming procedures.

In as little as 3 minutes, you can automate a repetitive task in Keap. Use it for a simple personalized follow-up message, or build out powerful multi-step campaigns. Salesforce requires an expensive upgrade to do automations.

Lead capture sequence
Example of landing page build in Keap app
Automation example
Keap business phone line on phone example
Automated text message example
Succesful payment example

Simplify growth and reach the next level faster

Keap gives you a dedicated business phone line so you can keep work and personal messages separate. Salesforce doesn’t provide a business line.

With Keap, you can send 1:1 texts, automate text outreach when prospects take action, and send text broadcasts, from both phone and desktop. Salesforce requires third-party software for text messaging.

Send an invoice with a payment link right in the email. Income accepted through Keap can be tied back to specific marketing campaigns. Keap will even automate follow-up on past-due invoices.

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Right-size your software and save big

While Salesforce is built for enterprise-level corporations with big IT departments, Keap provides an affordable all-in-one solution that’s easy to manage and is designed to take your small business to the next level.

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