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“Biggest accomplishment since using Keap? Quadrupling my rates.”

Learn how Beauty and the Boss brought growth and joy back to career coaching with a little help from automation.

Founder(s): Maisha Hagan

Industry: Coaching/Personal Development

Employees: 1 (+ Keap)

Joined Keap: 2019



  • Doing too many jobs
  • Multi-platform confusion
  • Growth stalled, can’t scale



  • Daily jobs automated
  • Single platform organization
  • 4x income growth

“My grandfather—he would be so proud that I had the courage to do this.”

Maisha Hagan started Beauty and the Boss to fill a massive gap in professional development. “I do professional development and career coaching for women in male-dominated industries.” Maisha saw that there were more underserved areas of personal development than most realize. Including employee and middle management folks who are often overlooked entirely in this industry. Beauty and the Boss were there to help those of all levels achieve their career dreams. Motivation isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need the right tools, guidance, and motivation.

We asked Maisha, “What motivates you?”

“Money. I'm just kidding! My family motivates me. I look at my grandparents, I look at my mother and my father. My father was raised in the South, my grandparents from the South. They just didn't have the opportunity to easily buy a house or go to school or start a business and I feel like there's a responsibility to do something that extends just beyond myself.My grandfather passed away the December before I started my company in January. I know he would be so proud of me. I think he would be so proud in the fact that I had the courage to do this.” - Maisha Hagan on the motivation of family.

Maisha knew what she wanted to accomplish with Beauty and the Boss. Unfortunately, getting everything done day-to-day was exhausting and likely to cause slip-ups given enough time. She needed help to get it done without burning out or slipping up.

“Starting a business, I am everything, right? So I am legal, I am banking, I am finance, I am marketing, I deliver the service, I'm all the things, and that was a shock to my gut of just how much that took for me every single day.”

It was time to find tools that could help take the weight off her shoulders and let Beauty and the boos be all it was meant to be. What platforms would she choose—before finding the right one?

Maisha Hagan —Beauty and the Boss Challenges

Just like most entrepreneurs, Maisha reached out to typical optimization platforms, which delivered typical results. BY plugging holes in her business needs one by one, she had created chaos disguised as a solution. Like many businesses, Beauty and the Boss had hit a tipping point.

“Before using Keap, I was using three different systems. I was using MailChimp, Smartsheet, and Square and kind of cobbled together this solution, and it just was not working as my business.”

Maisha was working as hard as anyone could, but growth had plateaued. She needed something to accelerate growth for Beauty and the Boss while reducing the chaos of her multi-platform automation and organization methods.

“Ultimately, the thing that made me pull the trigger on Keap is that I knew I needed to scale my business, and I could not do that with everything I had cobbled together.”

Maisha Hagan—Keap’s solutions

Development coaching requires an entrepreneur to be quick and agile, moving between the needs of dozens or even hundreds of clients. The people entrusting Beauty and the Boss with their success want results, and most want them fast. Maisha had found a platform that could provide speed and agility to match her own.

“Keap helped grow my business by shortening the time between first contact and someone becoming a client. Being able to quickly set up meetings, follow up on tasks, move people through a pipeline.”

Having everything organized with Keap’s CRM functionality, Maisha could see client info at-a-glance on her intuitive Keap dashboard. “Being able to see all the engagement. If I sent out an email? A newsletter? Did that person open it? Did they click through? If we had a phone call. That contact piece is brilliant!”

And, when it comes to sales, Maisha had plenty to say about Keap’s pipelines. “Being able to clearly see where people are in the process and move them accordingly. I have one pipeline for coaching and having one pipeline for speaking, it cues me on what actions I need to take and fewer things have slipped through the cracks.”

If you’ve ever wondered if development coaches take their advice? The answer is; The good ones do. Maisha has a coach of her own, someone who helps her with her dreams for her business. Once Beauty and the Boss was growing with the help of Keap’s CRM and sales and marketing automations, they had some advice for her.

“Biggest accomplishment of 2019? Quadrupling my rates. I actually hired my own coach, and he was like, "Your rates are too low," In my mind, I thought that people were going to be like, "Oh, that's too high" Literally, no one pushed back at all. It showed me the work that I'm doing is incredibly valuable, and people recognize that value.”

Not all growth is revenue

What else do Keap users get from automating and organizing their businesses? “This is going to sound kind of ridiculous, but it's fun again! Everything is in one place. I can see the priority for the day, knock it out, and feel good about myself.”

When automation create “perfect timing” for sales

Maisha was a quick study when it came to effective follow-up. She knew that not everyone is ready to buy the second they enter your funnel. Using Keap’s automations, she quickly built long-term nurture campaigns that made the most out of cold leads.

“I have a campaign for potential clients who pass. If they get to the end and then they say, "This just isn't for me right now," I actually have a campaign that's set up so that two months later it automatically sends them an email. I have an email from this week where a young lady who I spoke to in October passed moved her into this particular row in the pipeline, sent out the email, and her response back to me was, "Your timing is impeccable." That's enough said.”

And how does it make Maisha feel to know she can stop worrying about the day-to-day hassles and while Keap handles her sales and marketing automatically?

"It makes me feel amazing."

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