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Home Painters Toronto surpasses 300% growth

Home Painters Toronto is currently enjoying so much success, it has expanded into new lines of business. But it took more than just hopes and dreams to get there.

Brian Young


Brian Young

  • $1 million annual revenue
  • 300% growth
  • 30x lead flow velocity
  • 30% closing rate

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Since 2010






Toronto, Canada

Their Story

From door to door to more

Behind every job completed by Home Painters Toronto is a sophisticated sales and marketing machine. While many businesses struggle to formulate a strategy (let alone execute it), Home Painters Toronto is consistently closing sales at a rate above 30%, and growing volume to achieve over $1 million in annual revenue.

Founder Brian Young admits that things weren't always so bright for the company. "I started as a student painter trying to earn my way through university," he explains. He was, in his own words, "marketing in the stone age." Brian was generating leads through literal door-to-door sales, but didn't even have a functional website to send them to.

When a business coach recommended Keap, Brian thought he might be on to something. He didn't know that CRM stood for customer relationship management, or that email marketing consistently yields an ROI of 40x. He just knew that things needed to change.

Moment of truth

An online search for Toronto based painters will almost always return Home Painters Toronto as a top result. The company's efforts to get on the map have been so successful that they barely need to invest in paid search marketing anymore. How did they do it?

Like many business owners, Brian had no previous experience with sales and marketing automation when he started with Keap. He credits his implementation services team with setting him up to leverage the full power of the platform. In a matter of weeks, Brian had a solid marketing strategy mapped out with nine defined pipeline stages, and the necessary tactics to drive conversions at every one of them.

"It was a major game changer for me, and is one of the main reasons I grew more than 300% in 2.5 years," he reports. The implementation coaching that Brian received was the difference between simply paying for automation software, and getting value from it. He got the training he needed to create lead-generating content, web forms to capture visitor information, and email marketing campaigns to follow up with them.

Finally, Home Painters Toronto was positioned for growth.

The results

With leads flowing 30 times faster than they were before, Home Painters Toronto needed a platform to organize staff and close deals. Brian describes his Keap app as a "second salesperson," automatically sending personalized communications to every lead based on their behavior.

For leads that are ready to buy, Home Painters Toronto can now send pricing automatically using the Keap quote tool. For those who do not purchase right away, the company follows up with reminders, offers, and other incentives. Anyone who does not make a purchase after a certain amount of time has passed is put into a "nurture sequence," where Home Painters Toronto can continue the conversation until it's time to make a purchase.

Customers who do buy from Home Painters Toronto report an astonishing satisfaction rate of 90%, with regular repeat sales from loyal customers. The business attributes this success to excellent service, enabled by personalized communications with every customer.

Providing five-star services doesn't require the same 80-hour work weeks that Brain endured in the beginning. So many processes are now automated that while sales have quadrupled some months, the number of hours worked has decreased.

"I can run my business from anywhere in the world with a laptop," says Brian. "Keap has changed my life."

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