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Informed Marketing Solutions

Agency uses Keap to save 12+ hours each month by automating client payments

Informed Marketing Solutions at a glance

Founder(s): Jillian Kendrick

Industry: Business Consulting & Coaching

Employees: 4 (+ Keap)

Joined Keap: 2014

Key Result


increase in revenue



  • Hours spent reconciling retainer hours & billing clients
  • Lost income due to expired client credit cards
  • Long hours away from family



  • Automated recurring invoices
  • No more hunting down clients for payment
  • 12+ extra hours a month to spend with family

Virtual assistant to full-time business owner

Jillian Kendrick started Informed Marketing Solutions as a virtual assistant side gig and grew it into a full-time marketing agency. In the beginning, Jillian spent the majority of her time bringing in new clients and promoting her business. Like many mom entrepreneurs, she dreamed of a business that would afford her the freedom and flexibility to spend plenty of time with her family.

But as the company grew, so did the workload. Jillian found herself working long hours to juggle marketing and sales, managing new clients, maintaining relationships with existing clients, and handling tasks like accounting and bookkeeping. Even after hiring a team, there was still a lot of work on her plate to get done each month.

There was so much to manage on a day-to-day basis that Jillian had little free time to do anything else, such as dealing with the obstacles that come up in the daily life of an entrepreneur or spending leisure time with her son.

Jillian knew there had to be a better way, so she started looking for ways to maximize productivity without taking on all that work herself.

Broken from the start

After two years in business, Jillian realized her business model was not working. She was spending too much time on clients who didn’t want to pay, reconciling retainer hours and billing clients, then chasing down past-due invoices for payment.

“The business model was broken; not because it worked and then it broke, but because it started out broken,” Jillian said.

Jillian needed a solution that would free up time in a big way, take tasks off of her plate, help her business become more profitable, and give her ease of mind that everything would get done while she was away from the business. That’s where Keap’s automation came to the rescue.

Automation built for success

Jillian started using Keap Ultimate and was completely committed to leveraging automation so she could spend more time bringing in new clients, and more time with her family.

The first priority was to automate the billing process in order to increase consistent recurring revenue and free up time to take on more important tasks, especially urgent tasks that inevitably come up in the life of an agency.

Informed Marketing Solutions used Keap to:

  • Set up retainer billings as recurring payment subscriptions in Keap so that the money was deposited into the bank account every month like magic
  • Automatically send emails to clients before their payment option expired, which reduced payment failures and lost revenue
  • Automate reminders and tasks to streamline the payment process
  • Create saved searches and reports to monitor all billing in one place

These measures enabled Jillian and her team to spend less time managing billing and more time serving clients.

This was just the beginning of the automation journey for Jillian and Informed Marketing Solutions. Jillian began looking for other ways to use Keap’s automation.

Booming results speak for themselves

When Jillian implemented Keap’s automation in her business, the results were impressive:

  • Increased revenue by over 200%
  • Reclaimed 12+ hours per month
  • Reduced failed billing and overdue payments
  • Eliminated the need to hunt down clients asking for money
  • Spent more time on important things like family and growing the business

As much as automation allowed Informed Marketing Solutions to run more smoothly and profitably, the most powerful aspect for Jillian was the effect it had on her personal life.

“I could spend more time with my family—which was the reason I started my own business in the first place!” Jillian said. “Keap helped me gain time, money, and—most importantly—peace of mind.”

Over 6 years later, Jillian still uses Keap and is a strong believer in automation and the benefits it offers to agencies and consultants. Jillian and her team serve coaches, authors, and speakers who use Keap to run their memberships, live events, masterminds, and information product sales. Jillian is now a Keap Certified Partner and has a coaching program for mom-preneurs called Momentum. She also has automation training courses, a Funnel Mapping Workshop and more.

Winning plays used by Informed Marketing Solutions

Informed Marketing Solutions

Informed Marketing Solutions specializes in sales funnels and third-party integrations with Keap. Whether you have a funnel mapped out that needs to be automated or you need help working through the details of your offer before it can be implemented, we've got you covered! We can use one of our proven, templated campaigns or custom build a solution to fit your needs. Jillian Rosich Kendrick is a sales and marketing automation expert, founder & CEO of Informed Marketing Solutions, Keap Certified Partner, core member of Keap’s Partner Advisory Group, speaker, writer, three-time bestselling co-author, creator and host of the Momversations podcast, founder of the Mama Entrepreneur Success Society (the MESS), creator of the Momentum Method™ and Automation Advantage™, but her favorite job title in the world is “Mama.”

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“Keap saved me 12 hours a month of reconciling billing, begging clients to pay their bills, managing who paid what, and asking for updated credit cards.” – Jillian Kendrick

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