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Main Street Learning Lab educates entrepreneurs with automation

Main Street Learning Lab is a vibrant community-based leadership development lab that supports and strengthens diverse entrepreneurs—especially entrepreneurs of color.

Pamela Slim


Pamela Slim

  • Dramatically increased revenue
  • Exponentially grew its newsletter list every year
  • Reached thousands of businesses globally

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Their Story

Helping eager entrepreneurs grow their business

Pamela Slim, Founder of Main Street Learning Lab, forged a new career path at an early age. “I started my own business when I turned 30,” Pamela recalls. “I loved my previous jobs as a training manager for large companies and didn’t hate corporate life. I just needed a change and sort of fell into entrepreneurship.”

Pamela was off and running as an author, speaker, and business coach. She spent her first years getting comfortable, having sales conversations, doing really good work, and building client relationships. Pamela recounted her odyssey in her best-selling 2009 book, “Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur.”

Her passion for the entrepreneurial life eventually segued into founding Main Street Learning Lab in Mesa, AZ, which helps the local and global community of small business owners diagnose and overcome core business problems. However, in its early days, the Learning Lab had a few core problems of its own.

Moment of truth

Before Keap, Pamela had to work across multiple platforms to conduct business. “I was unfocused and couldn’t prioritize my most important tasks,” Pamela explains. “I wrote an email with one software program, sent it out with another software program, and then tried to organize everything with a makeshift spreadsheet. It was chaotic and I didn’t have the vital data to make critical business decisions.”

This data was housed in multiple places and caused Pamela to miss opportunities to build client relationships. She needed a better way to understand and proactively address her clients’ needs.

The results

Pamela found the software platform that could solve many of her problems—Keap—an all-in-one solution with advanced marketing and sales automation, customizable campaigns, and a multitude of app integrations. Keap quickly resolved her most pressing need—streamlining her disjointed processes into one easy-to-use system.

She especially values Advanced Automations, which automatically triggers certain messages when students purchase online classes, inquire about class times, or ask for video recordings. “Automating time-intensive manual processes really gets entrepreneurs like me excited,” says Pamela. “I think it’s a great experience for your customers when you engineer every touch to be easy, simple, and clear.”

Keap maximized Pamela's efficiency by letting her track her clients through every stage of their journey. ”It just feels so good to know that there’s one place where I can easily manage my key tasks,” Pamela says. “That’s so important to me because I often get distracted. Keap has become an essential resource in maintaining my focus and running every aspect of my business.”

Keap now plays an important role in Main Street Learning Lab’s success. Pamela proudly notes that the Learning Lab has served over 4,000 entrepreneurs in its first four years and created deep, significant change not only in Mesa, AZ, but throughout the world.

“What sold me on Keap were the integrated features,” says Pamela, “Especially Reporting, Advanced Analytics, and Advanced Automations.” She also found a community of like-minded people at Keap. “It’s important for me to do business with an ethical, trusted company—and that’s what Keap has given to me.”

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