Infusionsoft and Lifecycle Marketing powered Papeloja’s incredible growth.

Papeloja’s revenue exploded by 800% in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nuno Silva


Nuno Silva

  • Dramatically grew revenue in just a few months with Infusionsoft and Lifecycle Marketing
  • Infusionsoft offered a freedom Nuno never imagined
  • Powerful automation is his “secret” employee who never needs to eat or sleep

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Their Story

Papeloja grows by 800% in just months

Like so many other entrepreneurs, Nuno Silva was blindsided by the COVID-19 pandemic. He also quickly realized today’s crisis can become tomorrow’s opportunity. Luckily, Nuno had several powerful weapons in his own arsenal, his own resourcefulness and Infusionsoft by Keap.

“The reason my business has grown has a lot to do with the reason I got into it,” says Nuno. “I’m chasing my own ideas and my own dreams. I was never good at taking orders from bosses.”

Nuno’s wholesale specialty paper business began modestly when he stored his entire inventory in a small cabinet in his living room. He then moved his business to the garage and today Papaloja has expanded to a large store and warehouse.

However, COVID-19 initially reduced his company’s revenue. Person-to-person visits to his store were at least temporarily on hold. Nuno had the foresight to focus on online sales. “Business went up like a rocket,” he says, “and that’s what has gotten me through COVID-19. Today, my online business is thriving and I’m in great shape for the future.”

Moment of truth

Nuno describes his pre-Infusionsoft experience as a “muddle and perfect chaos.” Contacts were scattered all over the place and he didn’t have a single place to retrieve stored information. Nuno often communicated with a customer on social media, not realizing that it was the same customer he was talking to via email.

“Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was a foreign word to me,” Nuno admits. “The thought of having CRM technology to manage my business and connect all my important tasks together seemed to be a far off fantasy.”

The results

“I found Infusionsoft in a very funny way,” Nuno continues. “I was trying out another CRM software program, but kept bumping into Infusionsoft. I liked it a lot better than the other software because everything was easier. After my third futile day with the competitor I signed up for Infusionsoft—and I’ve never looked back.”

Nuno considers Infusionsoft an immediate game changer. “Infusionsoft gave me a joyous feeling of freedom,” he says. “After my first few months working with Infusionsoft I felt I had a third very efficient employee that never needed to eat or sleep.”

Infusionsoft automation allows Nuno to easily filter and organize his contacts, store notes, and easily follow up with customers. “Automation takes a huge load off my shoulders and provides me immediate, actionable information,” Nuno states. “It’s been instrumental in helping me rapidly build my online business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Automation is my favorite feature and it saves a ton of time.”

Keap’s Lifecycle Marketing (LCM) is another big bonus. Lifecycle marketing is a proven process that provides the kind of communications and experiences people need or want as they move from prospects to customers and eventually, to advocates.

Nuno describes LCM as an easy way to guide his customers through a clearly defined cycle, which helps him know his customers better, qualify them, cater to their specific needs, make the sale, and begin the cycle again. He’s also seeing more recurring revenue from his customer base. “I firmly believe that if you want to succeed in this day and age, you need to build a cycle that serves you as well as your customers,” says Nuno.

Nuno is quick to credit Lifecycle Marketing for his 800% growth. “I never had those numbers before,” Nuno exclaims. “My work is faster and easier than ever and I have more freedom. I also love seeing my customers achieve their goals and know that we are making them happy with our products.”

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