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Presidential Pools Quadruples Lead Generation

In over 25 years of doing business, Presidential Pools and Spas has grown to become the largest contractor of its kind in the state of Arizona.

Ken Chandler


Ken Chandler

  • Increased new leads 400%
  • Lead close rate increased 2-3x
  • Upsell campaign generated $100k

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Pool Services

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Since 1991






Arizona, USA

Their Story

Preserving a five-star reputation

In a state where where the majority of properties have pools, there is no shortage of demand for the services offered by Presidential Pools and Spas—or, for that matter, competing contractors. But the company has managed to rise to the top, and is now the largest residential and commercial pool and landscaping contractor in the state of Arizona. Since 1991, Presidential Pools and Spas has enjoyed a reputation for five-star quality at a fair price.

Presidential Pools and Spas’ high customer satisfaction isn’t just limited to the professional services it offers to homeowners and businesses. Online relationships play a critical role in providing personalized communications to leads and customers as they research contractors and work with the company.

Moment of truth

Before Presidential Pools and Spas started using Keap, leads came in mainly via word of mouth. Staff had to manually keep track of inquiries and follow-up with every one of them. “[Communication] was cumbersome,” says founder Ken Chandler, “and quite frankly a lot of times it just didn’t happen.”

As more and more customers went online to search for contractors, Presidential Pools and Spas had to find a way to stay relevant and connected without adding even more work for its office staff.

The company faced some familiar challenges: How could the team better collect leads, educate leads who aren't ready to buy, and generate more revenue from existing customers?

The results

Presidential Pools and Spas found the answer in Keap. Ken reports that his life is easier than ever as a businessman thanks to tracking, reporting, and measurable results. “Without Keap,” he says, “I don’t think we could effectively nurture our prospects or existing base as well as we currently do.”

When customers go online to research contractors, Presidential Pools and Spas is at the ready with a social media presence and online lead capture forms powered by Keap. Once a customer fills out a web form, Presidential Pools and Spas can send follow-up communications targeted to the contact’s interest level. Leads who are early in their research process will receive educational information, while more buyer-ready individuals can get quotes and promotions right in their inbox.

Since implementing Keap, Presidential Pools and Spas has seen its number of leads quadruple. The closing rate on leads coming through Keap is triple what it was before, and after just four campaigns the company saw upwards of $100K in additional revenue.

The early success that Ken’s team enjoyed as a result of sales and marketing automation is only the beginning. “Daily we figure out different ways that we can use Keap to improve our business,” he reports.

Thanks to Ken's lead follow-up and customer upsell campaigns powered by Keap, Presidential Pools and Spas is now swimming in new leads and generating even more revenue from existing clients.

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