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Peggy is riding high thanks to Keap

How this small business increased revenue by $40,000 in just six months

Peggy Sealfon


Peggy Sealfon

  • Harnessed the power of Keap to manage three businesses
  • Reached a worldwide audience
  • Developed a single campaign that generated $40,000 in only six months

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Health & Wellness

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Florida, USA

Their Story

Empowering health seekers to fulfill their potential

Peggy Sealfon is worry-free as she rumbles down the road on her motorcycle. How does she feel so free while running a business? Because Keap is quietly working behind the scenes, keeping her business humming.

“I once took a three-month trip,” recalls Peggy, “and Keap let me run my office from the road without a hitch.”

Peggy will be the first to admit to a few bumps along the road to success. Her career journey included time as a journalist, a retail store owner, and an advertising agency executive. “I have a PhD in reinventing myself,” Peggy explains. “On the surface, I was a success, but inside I felt out of balance, mentally and physically.”

Peggy’s quest for better emotional and physical health ultimately led to a new career, channeling her own life experience and extensive training to develop healing techniques to help her community achieve greater health, happiness and productivity. Twelve years later, she is thriving as a Florida-based personal development coach, author and public speaker.

Moment of truth

Peggy has never lacked energy or ideas. However, she had a hard time juggling the system integration and marketing demands of three businesses. She found herself knee-deep in busy work and repetitive tasks.

Day after day, Peggy wrote emails on one software program, delivered the email with another software, and used yet another third-party software program to create spreadsheets in an attempt to finally organize it. The result was a nightmare.

“My analytics couldn't communicate cross-platform and were worthless. Data was all over the place and there was no clear strategy for me to understand the customer journey.”

The results

Peggy had no interest in wasting time and energy. She needed a solution that was not only all-in-one, but powerful and scalable. This is when Keap entered the picture. When Peggy first demoed Keap, she quickly realized how seamless and professional everything could be. “I immediately wanted to try Keap,” says Peggy, “and I’ve never left it because Keap gets better and better.”

Keap’s powerful automation lets her do more with less work, less stress, and way less expense. Peggy can now develop personalized campaigns, use tags to effortlessly build awareness, follow up with customers, as well as schedule and send newsletters to improve customer engagement.

Now Peggy is enjoying the fruits of her success. She is growing and scaling her multiple businesses, supercharging her customers’ lives, and increasing revenue streams. Better yet, she has the freedom to hit the open road or enjoy a day at the beach whenever she feels like it.

“I love the feeling of knowing my customers are being taken care of wherever I am,” Peggy says. “Keap has made my life a whole lot easier. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Keap has amped up my potential in ways that I could never have imagined.”

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