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Southern Perfection Painting Inc.

SPPI increased online estimates by 75% and closed 80% of all bids using Keap

Southern Perfection Painting Inc. at a glance

Founder(s): David and Sabrina Williams

Industry: Residential & Commercial Painting Services

Employees: 5 (+ Keap)

Joined Keap: 2016

Key Result


of bids won



  • In-person estimate appointments consumed staff time and weren’t safe during the pandemic
  • Trying to simply move the in-person process online didn’t work at first
  • New prospects were slow to send photos of their building and move forward in the process



  • Appointment-setting automation led to 70% attendance, freed up staff time, and enabled social distancing
  • Automating a new prospect discount campaign resulted in a 75% response rate, and faster response time
  • Rethinking the strategy around how to handle the prospect experience led to 80% of bids being won

Commitment to excellence

For over 30 years, Southern Perfection Painting Inc. (SPPI) served the metro Atlanta community, handling everything from small paint jobs for residential homes to massive commercial jobs.

SPPI’s team was committed to providing high-quality services to every customer regardless of the size of the project. They prided themselves on innovative techniques, delivering high caliber results, and maintaining cost-effective services for their clients.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing SPPI to rethink the business practices that had served them well for decades. Like so many other businesses, they had to react quickly to avoid becoming a casualty of the pandemic.

Keap helped them make the pivot they needed to stay in the game for decades to come.

Pandemic pains

The SPPI team met the pandemic head-on with a “go now” mentality. Innovating wasn’t an option; it was a necessity if the company had any hopes of being around after the pandemic.

The first challenge to address was keeping employees and clients safe with social distancing, especially in the initial stage. In the past, employees would go to the prospect's location to estimate the job and discuss the project. Obviously, that had to change to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus.

SPPI asked prospects to send photos of the building they wanted painted and then attend a virtual meeting. This seemed like a simple enough request, but some clients either would not send the project over or were not willing to communicate in that fashion to receive a bid on the project.

Following up to convince prospects to move forward became more than the team could handle through their existing means.

Call to automation

The light bulb went off and SPPI realized that what they needed was automation. They were introduced to Patty Rogers with B2B Digital Assistant, and she shared the empowering aspects of Keap that could benefit SPPI.

SPPI decided to give Keap a shot and hired B2B Digital Assistant to strategically implement timed and automated campaigns to streamline SPPI’s daily actions.

Shortly after an initial request for work came in, the prospect would receive a discount for the service they were requesting. This was based on the number of tasks and actions that they needed to complete. This automation structure was paired with Keap’s robust email and text automation capabilities.

With these small, strategic process changes and the implementation of automation, SPPI saw immediate results with higher engagement and a much higher closing ratio.

SPPI not only weathered the pandemic, it grew even stronger than before the pandemic started.

Everything but struggles

When the SPPI team saw the amazing results they were getting with Keap’s automation and all-in-one software capabilities on their prospect campaign, they were eager to put automation to work in other areas as well.

Automation led to the streamlining of communications that resulted in over 75% more engagement. Customers were replying and getting back to the team faster than ever.

Keap’s appointment feature made it easy for clients to set up online appointments instead of meeting in person. Not only did this help with social distancing and saving staff time and gas due to driving, the company saw a 70% increase in prospect attendance at meetings.

“The clients would attend the online meetings and actually show up, which meant the staff didn’t have to hunt down prospective clients but could spend their time seeing interested clients instead,” SPPI reported.

The time the team saved allowed them to focus on other obstacles throughout the business… and develop more time-saving automations.

With all of these improvements in processes, SPPI won over 80% of their bids.

In addition, customer satisfaction and client loyalty was through the roof.

Instead of being torn down by the pandemic, SPPI started to thrive once again and grow a base of loyal clients who were willing to come back time and time again. Thanks to automation, SPPI saw an increase in the number of clients who:

  • Sent pictures to the team
  • Booked appointments online
  • Attended scheduled meetings

Most importantly, SPPI was able to do their part during the pandemic to keep not only their clients safe but also the business owners and staff.

Winning play used by SPPI

Convert Clients - Re-Engagement Offer

B2B Digital Assistance

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“Patty and B2B Digital Assistance completely transformed my business. Her guidance and strategy has been pivotal to our growth and automating our day-to-day tasks. She is easy to work with and keeps us focused. Thanks Patty!!!” – Sabrina Williams

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