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The Zion Group

How automation helped a real estate brokerage increase revenue by 40%, improve visibility, and save 10+ hours of valuable time each week.

The Zion Group at a glance

Founder(s): Keith McLaurin

Industry: Real Estate

Employees: 4 (+ Keap)

Joined Keap: 2017

Key Result


increase in revenue in less than 12 months



  • Clients falling through the cracks of cumbersome manual system
  • Team overwhelmed trying to maintain proper follow-up
  • Unable to maintain commitment to superior customer service



  • Increased visibility into sales pipeline and operations
  • Saved 10 hours per week by leveraging automation
  • Improved initial response time and communication throughout the sales process

A real estate powerhouse was born

From its founding over 19 years ago in San Diego, The Zion Group real estate brokerage made a commitment to provide superior customer service to its clients. Whether it was for individuals, families, or even investors interested in purchasing commercial and residential properties, The Zion Group had it covered. They helped provide business loans, business sales, and valuations to real estate around the San Diego area.

But as the company grew, staying organized became difficult and this started to negatively impact their business, especially around their core value of providing exceptional customer service.

Held back by outdated processes & technology

On a day-to-day basis, The Zion Group lacked good visibility into their sales pipeline—they had no idea where clients were in the buying process at any given moment, and this lack of organization led to tasks and opportunities falling through the cracks.

Without clear knowledge of what stage their clients were in, The Zion Group wasn't able to provide the proper follow-up and communication needed to maintain their commitment to providing superior customer service.

The Zion Group team grew frustrated with their cumbersome manual processes, which required large amounts of time to track down leads and switch between applications for information. This headache started to take over the business.

They started looking for a solution that would help structure their business, create more efficient processes, and free up time to get more work done on behalf of clients.

That’s when The Zion Group was introduced to We Scale, a Keap Certified Partner. They put their faith in their systems, made the necessary changes, and the results were just what The Zion Group needed.

Keap + We Scale to the rescue

We Scale is a service-based business that uses a four-part DRIP framework to help streamline and systematize their clients’ business processes. The DRIP framework, combined with Keap, is the “secret sauce” that We Scale uses to take their clients’ operations to the next level.

The four-part DRIP framework includes Discovery, Redesign, Implementation, and Perfect. This structure strengthens every part of the process and helps ensure that no steps are missed.

  • Discovery is the first step, where We Scale identified The Zion Group’s day-to-day challenges and found opportunities to improve their processes.
  • Redesign is the process where We Scale mapped out The Zion Group’s sales and client onboarding process and aligned it with their business goals.
  • Implementation is a four-step process of configuration, lead capture, simple automation, and centralization & integration. We Scale implemented Keap in The Zion Group’s business to clean up contacts and change tags, design custom fields, set up integrations, and implement lead capture, data collection, and automated follow-up.
  • Perfect is the final step where We Scale worked with The Zion Group to ensure everything was working perfectly and going as planned.

With The Zion Group specifically, We Scale used Keap’s contact forms for capturing leads and sending them into the sales pipeline tool. Next, they created a simple automation to improve lead response and communication throughout the sales process.

This led to a significant reduction in the amount of time The Zion Group team spent on repetitive tasks.

We Scale also used a process called centralization and integration to eliminate software that was no longer needed. With Keap, all the tasks can now be completed in one place under one process. This not only helped cut costs, it also allowed The Zion Group to use Keap to its fullest potential.

Keap’s all-in-one software, combined with the proven DRIP framework employed by We Scale, streamlined and automated The Zion Group’s processes, helping them achieve amazing results in the first year alone.

Revenue goes up, busywork goes down

Within the first 12 months of working with We Scale and Keap, The Zion Group increased their revenue by over 40%.

Even more gratifying, the company is once again able to follow through on their commitment to outstanding customer service. Now that all of their client information is in a central location in Keap, they have instant visibility into their sales pipeline and operations. This, along with automated follow-up, enables them to provide fast response and clear communication throughout the sales process, which strengthens client relationships.

And best of all, The Zion Group team is saving over 10 hours per week with Keap’s CRM and sales and marketing automation software. The automations that were set up initially continue running, saving valuable time each and every week. The result is that the team no longer has to hunt down leads or struggle to stay organized, and can focus on what is important for the business instead.

Winning plays The Zion Group implemented

We Scale

We Scale is a systems and automation agency specializing in building systems that convert leads to clients and clients to raving fans, increase visibility, and scalability. If you're ready to go from stressed to streamlined and ready to scale to CEO, then we've got the perfect program for you.

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“We use Keap—our secret to simple yet super-powerful automation that takes our operations, sales, and marketing to the next level.” – The Zion Group

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