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Fitness Gear Challenges the Status Quo

TITIN has taken its weighted compression gear from a dorm room prototype to a product favored by military generals and professional sports teams. Utilizing sales and marketing technology enables TITIN to continually innovate, and inspire a movement in the fitness industry.

Patrick Whaley


Patrick Whaley

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Georgia, USA

Their Story

TITIN is showing the world that fitness gear doesn’t have to be bulky and cumbersome; their product is changing the way people train and exercise—and their customers are very passionate about that.

Business situation

TITIN began their small business journey with a CRM that was not designed for small businesses. By the time TITIN was featured on the reality television series "Shark Tank", sales were picking up—but serving all those customers with a tool that wasn't designed for small business was killing TITIN’s efficiency.

Keap in action

Like all small businesses, TITIN can't afford to overlook a single customer. TITIN manages and tracks engagement with Keap technology. Using the email broadcast feature, TITIN send promotions, product updates, and other news to the right people at the right time. Keap also enables the TITIN team to automate the tedious tasks of data entry and mining.

To save time and create repeatable processes, TITIN leverages Advanced Automations feature to create and manage interactions personalized to every individual in the database. But TITIN didn’t have to build all of the campaigns from scratch; they downloaded ready-made campaign templates from the Keap Marketplace, where they could choose from hundreds of existing campaigns that have been tried and tested by other successful small businesses.


After adopting the Keap platform, TITIN's sales and marketing processes were quickly revolutionized. Tasks that took 30 minutes in the previous CRM were reduced to mere seconds. Improved efficiency allowed the TITIN team to focus on delivering quality customer service and innovating their product.

TITIN has grown its sales 400% while reducing the time spent on sales and marketing activities.

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